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Software Review: Mobipocket eBook Reader

January 23, 2007 in Mobile Phone Software

Many newer Nokia phones (N80, N73, etc) come with an application called Mobireader. I more or less ignored it until yesterday, when I “spent” (aka wasted) 2 hours of my stinking time converting html files into little eBooks. I’m happy to report that I have officially mastered Kindergarten eBook Conversion.

mobipocket Reader: Alice in Wonderland.

A review of MobiPocket’s Symbian eBook Reader.

Mobireader is a very simple application with a lot going for it – it allows you to view eBooks in a wide variety of formats, it has a lot of options, and it’s free. I think the company (mobipocket) is kinda hoping that you’ll splurge on tons of eBooks which translates into lots of profits for them. Good thing you don’t have to.

After fiddling with the software and downloading the new versions (download links below), I succeeded in converting and transferring some eBooks to my Nokia N80. The Mobireader application is pretty decent and has the features that you can expect from an eBook reader: table of contents support, bookmarks, auto-scroll mode, text size/font/color options, select/copy/paste, fullscreen and landscape mode, even sending eBooks to another phone. Very robust.

The quality of the text is also very good. However, if you don’t have a high resolution screen (for example, the N71 phone) I can’t vouch for the results. On my Nokia N80, the letters are quite crisp and easy to read. I spent about 20 minutes reading an eBook last night with no problems, although I found the auto-scroll function to be worthless. (you can’t change the scroll rate) It’s good to put that high-res screen to good use finally.

Another high point of the whole software package is the eBook converter. Although it’s a pain in the to use (and buggy as boop too), once you get it down the conversion is painless. Did that make any sense?

You can take any Word, HTML, PDF or some other text file and turn it into an eBook, with the ability to add pictures, a table of contents, and other fun stuff.

I’m definitely going to put up a tutorial one of these days.

Mobipocket Creator (eBook conversion software)
Mobireader Series 60 Symbian 9.1 (third edition)
Mobireader Series 60 Symbian <9.1

mobipocket Reader: library.mobipocket Reader: dictionary


12:22 pm

Hello everyone, this is a very good post about mobipocket reader and I had a very good help for my mobipocket from ITGlobal Solution and Kindle Conversion in converting my pdf files to an e-book with a very good crisp reading quality.

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