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Phone Preview: Nokia 6315i Phone

December 19, 2006 in Nokia Phone News

Nokia USA managed to sneak this CDMA phone onto the web site when no one was looking.

Nokia 6315i phone

The Nokia 6315i Phone

Nokia has a rather poor line of phones for the Verizon network. It’s not really too hard to see why. The global market for GSM phones is just gigantic compared to the mere 56 million Verizon customers in the USA. So when Nokia actually releases a new Verizon it’s pretty Big News.

The Nokia 6315i phone is a low-to-mid tier CDMA flip/clamshell phone with somewhat below average features. It’s not what you’d call a standout phone in the Verizon market, especially compared with LG’s Chocolate which seems to be the current phone fad. I should add that looks-wise, the Chocolate is pretty slick – it’s got just the right amount of thickness and size, and has that nice slider “spring” to it. Very anti-Nokia-N80. Although features-wise it’s just not up to snuff (the LG, not the N80).

Anyway, the 6315i has the obligatory 1.3 megapixel camera with flash, dedicated camera buttons, and video recording at 15 fps. There’s microSD support which is always welcome, as well as the typical: bluetooth, loudspeaker (a feature actually missing from many Verizon phones period).

The battery life on the 6315i is around average: the 950 mAh battery is good for up to 3.8 hours of talk time, and up to 10 days of standby time.

The Nokia site also claims that the 6315i has support for GPS, but I couldn’t find any more information on it. We’ll have to see about this one.




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