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New Nokia Phone Cases Round 33 1/3

December 13, 2006 in Nokia Phone Accessories

Here we go again. Nokia has released another slew of cell phone cases, and more than I really care to report about here. Time to dive into New Phone Cases: 33 1/3.

Nokia CP-186 N91 Case

Nokia CP-186 N91 Case

This is cute. It’s a pouch for your Nokia N91 (the 4 gigabyte hard drive based candy bar music phone) that has little designs for the buttons on the outside, so you can use your phone while it’s in the pouch. Pretty amazing to see how far we’ve come technologically with mobile phone cases.

I guess you can just pretend that you’re using a Shuffle or something – after all, why does an MP3 player need a screen anyway?

The CP-186 is made of black “suede-like material” (is that puede?) and features an inner lining for protecting that N91 goodness.

Nokia Carrying Case CP-154

Nokia CP-154 Phone Case

The CP-154 Carrying Case holds compatible candy bar type phones (n91, 7610, 6681, 6680, 6670, etc) and features a belt loop for quick attachment to belt type objects. It’s also made of leather. Not much else to say.

Nokia Carrying Case CP-152

Nokia CP-152 Phone Case

Another (p)leather carrying case, the CP-152 is meant for the few Nokia clamshell phones out there. This means all the 6170s, 7270s, 6131, 6125, 610x, 606x series of phones. It looks fairly stylish, except I find that flip/clamshell cases are completely dysfunctional. I mean, if you’re going to put a phone in a case, why even bother getting a flip phone in the first place?

Nokia Fashion Carrying Case Collection CP-163

Nokia CP-163 Phone Case

At first glance, the CP-163 looks like a shoehorn. And then you realize that the CP-163 isn’t even a phone case – it’s a bunch of cases, pouches, and more fashionista accessories than you can shake an N75 at. Designed for any kind of walk-off you may encounter, the CP-163 collection will at least make your Nokia phone look reasonably hot, even if you’re not.



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5:33 am

hey, do u know where to get these? the leather case for candy bar type and the suede-like case

Nseries WOM World
11:31 am

Pimp your N91

The Nokia Cell Phone Blog has found some jazzy cases for your Nokia, including this interesting number designed for your N91.

Anyone thinking iPod Shuffle?

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