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Wireless Week in Review (Week of October 22)

October 26, 2006 in Wireless Industry News

So I should probably start this week with today’s itty-bitty news released by Nokia: M:i:3, or as you know it Mission Impossible 3, will be coming soon to a Nokia N93 near you. Free!

Get the lowdown in this week’s…Week in Review.

Nokia is including the full-length movie on 512 megabyte memory cards bundled with the Nokia N93 phone, which I believe has the distinction of being the largest flip phone around after beating out the Nokia N90 in a close race. But back to the movie. M:i:3 the phone version will run at 25 frames per second, and apparently will not be viewable on a pc or transferable to another memory card.

Will this little deal between Nokia and Paramount Pictures actually drive sales for the Nokia N93? Doubtful. What’s more important here I think is whether this will lead to a whole new age of movies/tv being released on cell phones everywhere. Unfortunately, phones in the USA seriously suck in terms of just being ridiculously low-tech so it doesn’t seem likely for a long time.

In other news, T-mobile will begin carrying the Nokia 6133 phone. The 6133, as you may remember, is famed for having the “push-to-open” button, among other things. It’s a triband flip phone with a 1.3 megapixel camera (integrated flash), expandable miniSD memory, and a 320×240 display supporting up to 16 million colors. Definitely a sleek looking phone that should draw more people to Nokia.

Motorola has been itching for more acquisitions lately, and now it seems they’ve set their sights on French cell phone manufacturer Sagem. Sagem produces sort of sleek looking handsets that are somewhat limited feature-wise. However, the company really hasn’t been doing well lately and is a pretty lousy position overall.

Sprint just reported a 52% drop in profits for the third quarter. So what happens? Investors reward the company by boosting the stock price by more than 7%. Wtf? What’s funny is that Cingular and Verizon both managed to bring in a whole ton of new customers, and Sprint-Nextel actually LOST customers. That’s nothing short of amazing. Anyway, I never liked their stupid commercials with that singing guy.

In the Useless News category, Verizon announced that its customers sent and received a record 5 billion text messages for the month of September. I know Deal or No Deal had something to do with it.

Finally, Cingular’s web site has undergone a complete redesign. It looked just nasty before so almost anything would’ve improved it. Even taking the site completely down would’ve been a step up.

Wow. I just noticed I sent out 69 text messages this month at a cost of 0.10 each. Ouch.

Tune in next week for another edition of the Wireless/Nokia/Whatever Week in Review!



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