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The Nokia N80 Phone: First Impressions

October 5, 2006 in Nokia Phone Reviews

So I’m now the proud owner of a Nokia N80 phone. First thoughts and initial impressions inside.

First impressions of the Nokia N80 slider.

First impressions of the Nokia N80 slider.

The N80 is an average sized slider phone. It’s a little on the thick side, although the length is nearly perfect. Compare that to the N71 which is just a tad too big on the flip side. I think the Nokia N71 goes down from my ear to my chin. That was always a low point. I have to admit, the N80 seems plasticky at first, kind of like a toy. It doesn’t have that really heavy, solid construction that the N90 did (which was more a curse than anything), but it also doesn’t feel like everything in the phone is tightened up. Honestly, the plastic feels too similar to the plastic used in my Nokia 6030 phone – and the last thing I want to do is compare an Nseries with a $10 “beater” phone.

Holding the N80 (closed position) in one hand is a little awkward – the placement of the buttons, since it’s a slider, is near the bottom. Which makes it quite painful to press, say the menu button, while trying to keep up a balancing act of NOT dropping a $450 dollar phone. Of course, the easy solution here is to slide down the keypad.

Which brings me to point number 3. The slide is WAY too loose and slippery. It almost feels like you could slide the phone open just by shaking it up and down. The N80 also does not have that satisfying click when closed.

The camera (3 megapixel) is quite impressive. The quality of the photos is just really outstanding. And having a little switch to toggle macro mode/landscape mode is nice, but I wish the switch opened/closed a lens cap instead. More on this at a later date, when I get really down and dirty with the N80 camera.

The screen, like the N90 display, is bright, sharp, and clear. Nothing much else to say about that.

There’s also an ambient light sensor that’s supposed to adjust to different light conditions but I haven’t seen anything noticeable yet. Not to mention there’s this blue LED light that blinks continuously once Sleep Mode is activated. Sleep mode basically turns off your screen completely (instead of just the backlight) and flashes a really annoying light every four seconds.

It only took two tries to get WLAN/wi-fi working, and Nokia’s new browser software is up to par. It’s very well done and there’s a lot of options (zooming in on web pages, scrolling around, etc). Quite fast too.

While the Nokia N80 definitely has one of the better feature sets of the Nseries line, I can’t help but feel like it’s a cheaper phone than it really is. Give me a week and we’ll see where I stand with this phone.


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Can you put in your reviews whether a person can read the screen without their reading glasses?

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