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The Amazing MBW-100 Bluetooth Watch

October 25, 2006

No, Nokia did not design this new toy as part of their Useless Gadget Collection (a collection that includes GPS fun shells, an “imagewear” necklace, and the nokia digital pen). It’s actually made through a cooperative effort between Fossil and Sony Ericsson.

The MBW-100 Bluetooth Watch

The amazing MBW-100 Bluetooth watch.

The MBW-100 Bluetooth Watch

The MBW-100 is the first of its kind Bluetooth Watch. Which is basically a super expensive looking timepiece that displays whoever’s calling your cell phone WITHOUT HAVING TO TAKE OUT YOUR PHONE. This is high-tech at its best, folks. The MBW also keeps track of text messages and other pressing appointments (i think), as well as controlling your Sony Ericsson phone’s media player.

Whether the Watch is compatible with other phones brands (in other words: Nokia) has yet to be seen. Considering how Sony Ericsson’s site says that “all watches will seamlessly link to most Sony Ericsson Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones,” it doesn’t seem very likely.

And this isn’t the first Bluetooth Watch, either. Sony Ericsson and Fossil have announced that there’s going to be plenty more where the MBW-100 came from.

Will the MBW-100 Bluetooth Watch ever take off? Probably as far as those Oakley ™ MP3 Player Sunglasses. (means no)

I will give it one thing though: that watch does look pretty slick. Unfortunately, the retail price of the MBW-100 is $399.99. Ballers only, please.

MBW-100 Bluetooth Watch by Sony Ericsson


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