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Phone Preview: Nokia 6133 Phone

October 3, 2006 in Nokia Phone News

One of the newest phones coming to a Cingular/Tmobile near you, the Nokia 6133 singularly prides itself on having a “press-to-open button.” Even though Nokia touts this as being innovative, we’ve seen this before on the Nokia 6126 phone which is also known as the Nokia 6131 phone. Confusing, ain’t it?

Nokia 6133 Phone: 3/4 View

Nokia’s newest flip is set to take over the USA.

The Nokia 6133 Phone at a Glance

Nokia 6133 Phone: Three Views

Operating Frequencies: Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900
Form Factor: Flip
Display: QVGA 320×240 resolution, 16.7 million colors supported, external 128×160 screen
Camera: 1.3 megapixel
Interface: Series 40
Memory: 11MB onboard, supports up to 2GB external microSD cards
Battery: BL-4C (820 mAh), up to 3.5 hours talk time, 12.5 days standby time
SAR value: 1.16 W/kg on ear, 0.70 W/kg on body (more info on SAR values and cell phone radiation here)
Connectivity: Bluetooth, infrared
Other Features: Press-to-Open button, PictBridge, Java MIDP 2.0, FM radio, speakerphone
Weight: 112 grams / 3.95 ounces
Thickness: 20.1 mm
Colors: Black

Release Date: Q1 2007
Expected Cost: $199 USD
Buy From: Amazon.com

The Nokia 6133 Phone

I believe the Nokia 6126 was supposed to make it to the USA, but it appears it never did – and now the 6133 is taking its place. What’s interesting is the 6133 is a tri-band clamshell (850/1800/1900 mhz bands), while the 6126 is a quad-band clamshell.

The features of the 6133 are pretty standard for Series 40 phones. We’ve got the token 1.3 megapixel camera (1280×960 max pixel resolution), digital zoom/flash, video recording, Bluetooth, and expandable miniSD memory. Nothing too new or exciting here.

The internal display is a 320×240 resolution screen that supports up to 16 million colors. Meanwhile, the somewhat largish external display clocks in at a resolution of 128×160 (up to 262k colors). Nokia really loves putting those giant screens on the front of their flip-phones. I really don’t know why.

In addition to what was already mentioned, the phone sports a dedicated camera key when you just GOTTA take that quick picture. You can also set a video as a ringtone, for all the good that does. I find that when I have my N71 display a picture for a caller, I can barely make out who it is – and I just end up waiting until it displays the caller’s name anyway. So I don’t really get how video ringtones will help (besides draining the battery).

Apaprent battery life is sub-standard, with the 820 mAh lithium ion providing about 3.5 hours of talk time. But then again, Nokia also rated the N80 at 3 hours yet some reviews report being able to squeeze out more than 4 hours out of it.

Nokia 6133 Phone: Front ViewNokia 6133 Phone: Open



The Nokia Phone Blog » Blog Archive » Deal: Nokia 6133 for $60
11:53 am

[...] the 6133? No, of course you don’t. The 6133 was released more than 2 years ago to little fanfare and [...]

5:42 pm

ive had this phone for about a year an the one i have now is the second phone i had to get.the 1st phone messed up badly.an now the 2nd phone is doing the same thing.ive since figured out the problem.the phone wont power up all the way if to much memory is taken.i have about 4000 messages i think an that takes up alot of memory(im to lazy to erase them) then the phone died 1 day.i havent been able to turn it on since then.an that was about a month ago.

5:46 pm

This phone had many problems with me. The battery SUCKS. And it opens constantly withought wanting. The screen went black many many times. t-mobile sucks.

10:56 am

My TMobile Nokia 6133 have a black or Blank screen all the time, wont even power up.

It shows the Cell phone charging, and all you can ever see is the battery symbol when it’s closed and plugged in.

Once I open the phone (even though still plugged in) the battery symbol goes away and the phone just seems to be a useless chunk of metal/plastic.

5:41 pm

Got one 3 days ago.

Coming from a Motorola v188, the 6133′s battery life is my biggest gripe. first 2 days I spent only 30 to 45 min per day on phone calls, but used the phone quite excessively for browsing (the menus, NOT going online), playing with the camera, settings, and everything else. Still wish it would’ve lasted just a bit longer than that, but 1) i don’t plan on using the phone that much afterwards and 2) I’ll get a spare battery if need be. Best to avoid long bouts of web browsing or gaming if you’re gonna be away from a power source.

Another con is expansion card slot behind the battery cover is annoying, but it wasn’t enough to deter me from getting this phone. At least it isn’t behind the battery itself

Need to converta mp3 to WMA for use as ringtone. Luckily there are several freeware programs that do that. You don’t even need to trim the length, as it’ll just play the first 20s of the file, tho you’re wasting memory if the files are too large.

Last but not least, the only way to check elapsed time during a call is to go through several menus to check the log, call timer.

All said against the 6133,
I’m still testing it within the “14 day regret period”. This sucker is thin enough (vs the RAZR which was another phone I was considering). So far, so good. Things change, but I can’t see any reason to swap phones

5:54 pm

I have this phone. Its a great phone i’ve never been disapointed with it.

1:54 pm

I am about to get this phone and I think it is so much better then a Razor because Razors brake way to eaasy not just the outside but literly the phone it is a awfull system and is way 2 skinny but this phone is nice and with more opptions.

who ever made this phone is da bomb

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