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Phone Case Review: Krusell N80 Leather Case

October 15, 2006 in Nokia Phone Accessories

It’s now time to review probably one of the more annoying cases I have ever used, the Krusell N80 Leather Case.

An open and shut case: Krusell N80 Leather case.

The Krusell N80 Leather Phone Case

The first thing you’ll notice about this marvelous case is that it was made specifically for the N80 phone. Krusell tends to make cases designed for each phone rather than universal cases that can fit multiple phones. One little quirk about their cases is that they tend to be one-piece – so even if you have a phone that’s SHOULD have several pieces Krusell finds some ingenius way around it.

Their Nokia N90 case was decent, although the restraints of the case made a little annoying sometimes to take pictures (you couldn’t flip the screen without flipping the top cover off). However, you could still make a call without being hampered. Not so with the their N80 case!

So as you can see, we have yet another one-piece case. At first glance, it looks pretty interesting. The back half of the phone slides into a very tight fitting leather piece with holes cut out for the camera and the arrow keys. There’s also a piece of clear plastic that covers the keypad. The case is well designed in terms of tightness – you really need to squeeze it into the case and it fits very snugly.

Now, there’s two other pieces to the case – the back belt clip piece and the front display cover. Both of these pieces snap into place securely. Problem one – if you want to use the camera, you’ll need to pop out the back piece and kind of hold it as you’re taking a picture, since it tends to flop back into closed position. I personally do not use belt clips, so if I used this case I would’ve completely ripped out that back piece. It adds another couple millimeters to the thickness of the case too for that matter.

The main problem is the front display piece. It wraps around over the front face of your N80 and snaps into the back – so basically, if you need to make a call you have to detach it from the back side. This is pretty annoying. Especially considering how the front piece just like…hangs there look extra awkward as you’re talking on the phone. I mean, sure, you can wrap it around the back and just grab it with hand holding the phone but why should that even be necessary?

There is some light at the end of the tunnel however: the clear plastic that covers the keypad actually fixes one of the big problems with the N80 – the slide mechanism.

The Nokia N80, as I’ve mentioned once or twice before, has a huge problem with the slide – as in it slides WAY too easily. So easily, in fact, that you can hold it from the back end and shake it, and the front part will detach itself and slide up or down. Nokia needed to put something in between the slide to add more friction but unfortunately did not. Good news: the Krusell N80 case does. There’s a very nice feel to using the slide with the phone in the case. I think you can make yourself a very nice case if you combined that middle piece of the Krusell with the front half of the clear plastic case.


+Fits the N80 very tightly
+Makes the slide feel much less slippery
+Back panel doubles as a lens cap…I guess?

-Annoying to use
-Especially if you don’t use belt clips
-No top corners protection

The Krusell N80 Leather Phone Case is handmade with genuine leather, yes, but it’s still not too usable. You definitely shouldn’t need to go through so much trouble just to keep your phone protected.

Recommendation: Get a N80 Crystal Case instead.



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