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Accessories Preview: Nokia LD-1W Wireless GPS

October 10, 2006 in Nokia Phone Accessories

Never mind that the Nokia N95 phone comes with an integrated GPS module and the software to go with it. Now you can carry around your own little portable Bluetooth GPS around town.

LD-1W Wireless GPS

The LD-1W wireless GPS might keep you from getting lost.

Nokia LD-1W Wireless GPS

Interestingly, Nokia also sells a slightly newer version of this GPS overseas called the LD-3W. However, Nokia just started selling this one in the USA.

So what’s the point of this device?

The LD-1W, like most GPSs, tracks your current position no matter where you are in the world. The only problem is it provides the HARDWARE to do so – not the software. While the bundle comes with a 3-month trial of Wayfinder software, you’re pretty much on your own – you need to purchase GPS mapping or route planning software like Route 66 for your mobile phone.

I’ve never really been a fan of these wireless GPS devices. Sure, the standalone models from the likes of Garmin that have a simple display could be extremely useful, but a GPS for a cell phone? Considering the price range is about the same for the LD-1W and the standalone models (the LD-1W retails for $279.99), and the fact that either way you’re going to be carrying an extra device, I don’t see how the Nokia GPS is even worth it.

(after all, the LD-1W is almost half the price of the N95 phone)

The LD-1W isn’t entirely useless however. You can still connect it to a PC (think laptop while in the car) or PDA which is nice, and there’s hardware support for an external antenna should the need arise. The problem is there are other wireless Bluetooth GPS solutions out there for much cheaper.

The battery life of the LD-1W is pretty decent – you’ll get up to 18 hours of continuous usage on one charge, and up to 7 days of standby time.

One application that’s compatible with the Nokia Wireless GPS caught my eye: ADnota album. This program (only for Symbian phones) allows you to take pictures with your phone camera, tag them with your current location, or add a voice tag. When you move from one site to another, you can do a little location search to find all pictures taken at that site. Very interesting and very cool.




7:19 am

Hi, i can connect to my e61, but does anyone have ideas on how i can get the nmea data from the ld-1w, so i can use it with earth bridge, which will give me google earth tracking :D ? I connect with a bt adaptor to pc, but cant open hyper term to see data…?

Menno Aartsen
3:43 pm

The LD-1W is available from Overstock.com now, and for all I know other places, for well under $100.

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