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Week in Review (Week of September 24)

September 28, 2006 in Wireless Industry News

Whew. What a week! In this edition of the Week in Review, we’ve got a little summary of Nokia’s newest phones, Music Recommenders, Motorola’s company buying spree, and finally, last but not least, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The first bit of news that came this past week was Nokia’s announcement that they had sold more than 10 million Nseries phones this year. That’s a really big number. Sadly, I think I’ve only met one other person who carried an Nseries phone – and it was a dinky looking N70. I think the whole Nseries concept is just way above most Americans’ heads.

Actually, the real news this week centered on Nokia at Open Studio 2006, in New York City. I couldn’t find much information about the Open Studio other than the fact that it showcased all of Nokia’s newest handsets etc etc etc. But anyway, if you haven’t been keeping up, Nokia released a nice little batch of mobile phones, starting with the Nokia N75 and N95. New editions of the N70, N73, and N91 are also coming out. AND on top of that, Nokia announced several more music phones in the works – the 5300, 5200, and 3250 XpressMusic models.

While I won’t get into too many details about these handsets (that’s what phone previews are for), they’re basically lower-cost mobile phones with dedicated music keys, support for expandable memory (more space for music), and aimed at the young, “hip” crowd. Features are pretty standard across the board for newer Series 40 models. (although the 3250 should be Symbian also)

Nokia is also introducing a new online music “charting” and trend-spotting website called MusicRecommenders. It’s basically there to highlight lesser known bands that have been voted on (“recommended”) by forty indie music stores around the country. And it appears that David Bowie, famous rock star, is the front man for this whole operation.

While Nokia was busy releasing and re-releasing new cell phones, Motorola was going around buying companies left and right. They first acquired video software company Vertasent, then Symbol, a company that creates and develops barcode scanning technology. Meanwhile, Verizon reported that they would begin selling the MOTOKRZR K1m immediately. The K1m is your typically thin Motorola phone with a 1.3 megapixel camera, mp3 support, blah blah blah. In other words, it’s just like any other Verizon phone with the same damn features.

T-mobile announced that they were be relieving pitchwoman Catherine Zeta-Jones of her duties as soon as her contract ends. What a pity!

Well, it’s certainly an exciting time for Nokia and all the other knuckleheads in the wireless industry. Tune in next time for more of the same!


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