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Week in Review (Week of August 27)

August 31, 2006 in Wireless Industry News

Well, right now I’m sitting in Las Vegas, one of the most ridiculous cities in the US. Unfortunately, I have access to more slot machines and roulette wheels than internet, so updates are going to be a little slow this week. Looks like I even have to write my little Week in Review routine a bit early too to make up for the difference.

On Monday, Nokia won a “coveted” contract with Indonesian telecommunications operator Telkomsel. The agreement will last for three whole years and provide Telkomsel with WCDMA/3G equipment. Not too exciting I guess.

Tuesday brought another agreement – this time between Nokia and Sourcefire (that’s the actual company name). Sourcefire is apparently a software company that designs IPS’s, “intrusion prevention systems.” Basically very high-end IP security by analyzing network traffic, blah blah blah. The bottom line is that Nokia will use some of Sourcefire’s software for preventing hackers from getting in, whether it’s in a mobile environment or otherwise.

The agreement also showed another facet of Nokia that I was not aware of – the IP Security department. Nokia provides a suite of IP security services (such as firewalls, and security for VPN’s) for numerous companies. Interesting, eh?

Nokia also released another press release today that just basically bragged about the Nokia N80 phone’s wi-fi/WLAN capabilities. Conveniently, there is now a “Nokia N80 Internet Edition” being sold that seems to come with, besides the phone, some applications that let you buy stuff from Amazon.com, use Yahoo! search, and transfer photos to Flickr. Which I may add is already doable on several of Nokia’s high-end phones.

The N80 also comes with Nokia’s proprietary Download! client, which allows you to upgrade applications already stored on your phone and purchase new ones. Of course, whether you get the N80 Internet Edition or just the standard N80, one of the nice features of the WLAN is to make voice calls over the internet (VoIP). There’s third-party support and I believe you can use Skype to make voice calls, although this has yet to be confirmed on my end.

And I know I sound like a broken record, but the FCC airwaves auction is STILL going on. These dudes don’t know when to stop apparently. T-mobile is still in the lead, followed by Verizon and SpectrumCo. Ugh. I’m really getting tired of reporting about this auction now. The good news is that the government has decided to give the auction a little swift kick in the a** by cutting down the auction time and allowing more rounds of bidding per day.

And that’s all this week as it’s 1:50 am Vegas time and 4:50 am New York time. I think it’s time for some sleep. As always, tune in next Thursday for another edition of the Nokia Week in Review.



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