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Nokia Wireless Plug-In Car Handsfree HF-35W Preview

August 14, 2006 in Nokia Phone Accessories

Hm. It’s been getting tougher to find some content to blog about these days, and it looks like I have to resort to another one of my underhanded tactics: ripping stuff from the Nokia site. Here’s Nokia’s latest wireless car microphone/loudspeaker, the HF-35W:

Nokia Wireless Plug-In Car Handsfree HF-35W

Nokia HF-35W Wireless Handsfree Microphone and Loudspeaker

You may remember I did a preview of the Nokia HF-6W awhile back. The HF-6W is a golf club looking device that does pretty much the same thing as the HF-35W, except it does everything better.

The HF-35W is designed more for the budget conscious who don’t want to shell out the mucho moolah for the 6W (which was roughly 130 bucks USD). It lacks the multiple microphone voice tracking feature that made the 6W so damn expensive, but still comes equipped with a DSP (digital signal processor) that filters out echoes and random background noises.

You might be wondering why Nokia is even releasing these devices when 99% of their phones come with a loudspeaker feature (which I still use while driving even though it requires me to hold my phone near my mouth like an idiot). The reasoning is pretty simple if you’ve ever talked to someone with a loudspeaker on while they’re driving around. It’s pretty difficult to hear the person’s voice over the 1. engine and 2. the windows that the person “conveniently” left open for the conversation.

But I digress. What really matters is that the Wireless Plug-In Car Handsfree HF-35W plugs into your cigarette light/DC socket in your car. It uses Bluetooth (1.2) to transfer sound from your compatible Nokia phone, but there’s just one problem: Nokia, either purposely or not, did not program in the ability to switch from microphone back to cell phone. They claim that road safety should be your main concern for driving. Well, I live in New Jersey, and there’s no road safety in this state, that’s for sure.

Other problems or “features” include the inability to hook up the Nokia HF-35W to your car’s stereo system or an external antenna.

Aside: It’s nice to see that Nokia decided to go with the “inner tube” design (you know those inflatable tubes at the water parks?) over the “golf club” design. It certainly doesn’t look as ridiculous as the previous version.




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Ala'a Ghawanmeh
12:31 pm

I tried Nokia HF-35W and i found it realy Bad ,its microphone sensitivity very Poor.i am realy sad for this product you spend your money for nothing

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