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Nokia N93 Voted European Media Phone 2006-2007

August 15, 2006 in Nokia Phone News

Normally, I would’ve waited until Thursday night to put this press release up as part of my Nokia Week in Review series, but I’m in a ranting mood.

Nokia announced today that the Nokia N93, Nokia’s trademark Nseries 3.2 megapixel camera phone / “DVD quality” video recorder won the coveted “European Media Phone of the Year, 2006-2007″ by EISA (European Imaging and Sound Assocation).

Nokia N93 phone

Why did it win? Let’s take it directly from the press release:

“EISA commended the still image and video capture quality of the Nokia N93 plus the extensive internet and connectivity options, dubbing the device the “perfect example of a multimedia computer that can fit in your hands.” The judges also singled out the Nokia N93′s video editing and printing capability and its digital music player for particular praise.”

Well, well. A computer the N93 is, however it is also as big as a computer. After owning a Nokia N90 (the predecessor to the N93 phone), I’ve become a bit of a stickler when it comes to cell phone sizes. Especially flip phones. It seems that Nokia’s candybar phones get smaller and smaller every time a new one comes out, but the opposite seems to be the case for the flip phone line. Take a look at the N90, for example, and then check out the N92 and N93, which are both comparitively sized. And you wonder why the RAZR, which I dub One of the Crappiest Phones on Earth, outsells the Nokia flip phones by several factors. It’s sad really.

Motorola, knowing it has a hit on its hands, has released several new versions of the RAZR (which you can read about in this Nokia week in review). Nokia still has yet to unveil a REAL thin flip phone.

Not that I don’t love my Nokia phones. And I definitely would never buy a RAZR.

However, I can’t help but feel that Nokia is falling behind (again) in some rather obvious places. If you remember, Nokia entered the flip phone and clamshell phone way late in the game, beaten out by rivals Samsung and Motorola. Samsung captured the lower end of the clamshell market (the cheap phones), while Motorola courted the expensive side with phones like the V60. Although their V70 rotator phone was a little kooky.

The Nokia N90 was a great phone. In terms of features, it had almost everything I could possibly want. The problem is it was just too damn big. And sadly the Nokia N93 phone is even larger.

And before I forget to mention for the twentieth time, the N93 started shipping maybe two weeks ago and it’s ALREADY winning awards?! That is just simply amazing. Although it still pales in comparison to the awards that the Nokia N92 has won and it still hasn’t even started shipping yet!

Anyway, that is my rant and rave for today. Enjoy!



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