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Random: A size comparison of some Nokia phones…

July 26, 2006 in Nokia Randomness

So after commenting in my previous blog entry about how large the N93 phone was compared to the N90, I decided to do a little “size comparison” so to speak.

Check out the extended entry for the lowdown.

For these pics, I tried to find the frontal views of each phone wherever possible (unfortunately not possible for the N92). Not only that, every phone here is compared to the N90 as a reference because I didn’t have the space to show a whole line of phones. Finally, everything should be to scale and sized correctly (you won’t notice unless you print it out however) Anyway, let’s begin!

Nokia N90 and the Quarter

This is just to give you a general impression of how large an N90 is. I guess it doesn’t help too much. Hm – for future reference I should use a credit card. While 4.409 inches doesn’t sound too big, it’s gigantic in the phone world. Take out a ruler if you don’t believe me.

Thickness battle: N90 0.944 inches, Quarter 0.069 inches

Nokia N90 / Nokia N91 / Nokia N93

I wasn’t kidding when I said that the N93 was bigger than the N90. Then again, the little button on the N93 adds a couple of millimeters to the whole package. The N91 is actually supposed to be slightly larger than the N90 – about five-hundredths of an inch bigger.

Thickness battle: N90 0.944 inches, N91 0.866 inches, N92 0.976 inches

Nokia N90 / Nokia N71 / Nokia N73

Nokia’s newest phone is definitely a nicely sized candybar. The N73 is 4.33 by 1.93 inches, which makes it just short of beating the N90 in the size battle. Meanwhile, the Nokia N71 just sits there taking all comers. At a 3.88 by 2.02 inches, it’s definitely one of Nokia’s smaller flip phones. However, due to a little bulge on the bottom front of the phone (where the camera is situated), it’s also one of the thicker ones, at a little over an inch. When your cell phone is thicker than even the Nokia N90, that says something.

Thickness battle: N90 0.944 inches, N71 1.016 inches, N73 0.748 inches

Nokia N90 / Nokia N72 / Nokia N80

Make no mistake, the N72 is a pretty small phone (for a candybar). Like the N70 and N73, it’s got those funky side keypad buttons. It was also supposed to be released in June of 2006, but it seems that’s been pushed back. The Nokia N80 is your standard high-quality Nseries slider phone, with a 3 megapixel back camera and VGA video-conferencing/self-portrait camera. It’s naturally thicker than most candybar phones due to the sliding keypad.

Thickness battle: N90 0.944 inches, N72 0.858 inches, N80 1.023 inches

Nokia N90 / Nokia N92 / Quarter

And finally we have the Nokia N92. Apologies for the crappy picture, I couldn’t find a good closed frontal view. But even this picture highlights the main parts – namely, the N92 is a little shorter and fatter than it’s lanky cousin.

Thickness battle: N90 0.944 inches, N92 0.976 inches, Quarter 0.069 inches

And so that ends today’s size comparison. The winner, or should I say loser, is the N90, which is still too big and too heavy to really be an attractive phone. I just hope the N93 doesn’t go the same path…


2:22 pm

I just lost my nokia 630 something i and I am in real mourning for this partner of mine. Handy, small, video,voice and smart dialing, push to talk etc etc. replacement is hard. iphone is nice but no video rec. I like the nokia’s easy operating system..any suggestions? thanks

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