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Phone Preview: Nokia 6126 Phone

I first mentioned the Nokia 6126 about 3 months ago. Since then, Nokia’s released an updated set of specs for the 6126.

…and that brings us to the topic of the day: the differences between the Nokia 6126 and the Nokia 6131 phones.

Nokia Phone Blog: Nokia 6131 Phone thumbnail

Here they are, one after another:

Nokia Phone Blog: Nokia 6131 PhoneNokia Phone Blog: Nokia 6126 Phone

Now, call me a little blind, but they sure look pretty similar to me. If it’s not even the same picture.

I’m not quite sure why there’s two phones with identical features, with different model numbers, and yet…the SAR values are different! Why?!

More on that later.

The Nokia 6126 Phone

Nokia Phone Blog: Nokia 6126 Phones

The Nokia 6126 phone is a quad-band, clamshell GSM phone. There’s some good features here, such as the addition of Flight Mode (see yesterday’s post on flight mode), a 16 million color inner display (240×320), microSD expandable memory, and one-touch open button.

Nokia Phone Blog: Nokia 6126 Phone

The onboard camera is an average 1.3 megapixel that’s lacking a flash, among other things. Of course, there’s the always useless 8x digital zoom, too.

As mentioned before, the Nokia 6126 has two screens: the main screen is a 2.2 inch TFT that supports up to 16 million colors. The outer display is a not-too-shabby 128×160 pixels that supports up to 262,144 colors. That’s actually a pretty impressive size for the outer screen. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of big outer screens. Seems more like a waste of space to me.

Like the 6125, the Nokia 6126 comes preloaded with the Adobe Flash player and Macromedia Flash Lite 1.1. To be honest, I have no idea what the difference is. (Aren’t Macromedia and Adobe the same company anyway?) I don’t understand why you’d need a Flash Lite player if your phone can already handle regular flash.

The addition of quad-band is a nice touch. Too bad the phone is NOT series 60. No symbian = no fun.

The odd part about the Nokia 6126 and the Nokia 6131, aside from the fact that they look and function almost exactly the same (and have the same photos too), are the SAR values of the two phones.

The Nokia 6126 SAR value for use at the ear is 0.89 W/kg, and the SAR value for being worn on the body is 0.93 W/kg. So good, so far right?

For some reason the Nokia 6131 has a SAR value of 1.16 W/kg when used at the ear, and a SAR value of 0.70 W/kg when worn on the body. Huh? What’s going on?

Your guess is as good as mine, unfortunately. I seem to be saying unfortunately a lot these days.

Nokia Phone Blog: Nokia 6126 OpenNokia Phone Blog: Nokia 6126 Phone Front



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