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Phone Preview: Nokia 6125 Phone

To be honest, I thought the Nokia 6125 was just another version of the unreleased Nokia 6126. Which for those of you who can’t keep track of random Nokia models, the 6126 is a flip phone notable for the “push button” mechanism that opens the phone on command.

Learn more about the 6125 in the extended entry.

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The Nokia 6125 Phone

Nokia 6125 phone: closed

First off, the Nokia 6125 is a mid-tier, quad-band clamshell phone. It uses a Series 40 Third Edition user interface, which includes Active Standby. It’s meant to be a decent looking, decent function flip phone with a fairly large keypad and average sized screen.

The camera is an average 1.3 megapixel with 8x digital zoom (which is pretty much worthless), video recording capability but no flash.

There’s a grand total of 11 megabytes of internal memory. However, in a nice gesture, Nokia has included a microSD slot (= transflash) for expanded memory. To be honest however, there really isn’t much that you can do with phone except maybe listen to music. Java games aren’t exactly memory space eaters.

The Nokia 6125 uses a BL-4C battery, which is good for, get this, 2-5 hours. That’s a pretty vague specification if I ever saw one. It’s an 820 mAh battery, but that low-end of 2 hours sort of scares me.

There’s also support for Bluetooth v2.0, which is always a nice touch. Bluetooth 2.0 introduced several neat features that reduce pairing time, speed up transmissions, and drain less battery.

Standard on the Nokia 6125 is also the addition of the Adobe (formerly known as Macromedia) Flash player. While this is standard on the newer Nseries line, this is the first that I’m seeing this on a Series 40 phone. Whether Flash will take off for cell phones like it’s taken over the Internet – only time will tell.

One neat little feature is the addition of Flight Mode. This lets you power up the phone and use almost all the functions (minus the calling part…I guess that’s a pretty big feature, eh) without requiring a SIM card. This is mainly for traveling on airplanes where you aren’t allowed to have your cell phone online due to potential radio interference. It’s a pretty cool feature, but it’s also one that isn’t implemented on many Nokia phones. Which is just too bad because the Nokia 6125 isn’t that badass of a cell phone.

Nokia 6125 phone: open

The Nokia 6125 SAR value for use at the ear is 0.66 W/kg. The Nokia 6125 SAR value for being worn on the body is 0.54 W/kg. Pretty low.



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