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Nokia Phone Case Roundup – The Revenge

July 31, 2006 in Nokia Phone Accessories

In the shadow of all the heming and hawing going on last week about the N93 and N73 phones shipping, a couple of new Nokia cell phone cases quietly surfaced onto the Nokia site. Behold the next generation in cell phone cases!

CP-143 Nokia denim case thumbnail

The CP-143 Nokia Denim Universal Carrying Case

Nokia decided to go with a little canvas to make this phone case. Built to hold most Nokia phones (I would give an exact list of phones supported, but unfortuantely the Nokia site is broken), the CP-143 is a typical phone pouch, which means it’s got abouit as much protection as a paper bag. Well ok, the denim has to count for something I guess.

CP-143 Nokia denim case

xThe CP-142 Nokia Denim Universal Carrying Case

Moving down the line, we see yet another attempt by Nokia to craft the perfect pair of jeans to fit your phone. Introducing the CP-142, or yet another denim carrying case. This one is styled to look more like a “sock” than a canvas pouch, quite unlike the Nokia CP-143. Included is a wrist strap.

CP-143 Nokia denim case

The CP-141 Nokia Universal Carrying Case

The perfect complement to your gleaming white iPod. The CP-141 fits most Nokia “monoblock” (that’s Nokia-speak for candy bar) cell phones and seems to offer much more protection than the previous pouches.

CP-141 Nokia universal carrying case

The CP-117 Nokia Universal Carrying Case

I love this. Nokia lists the CP-117 as a Universal Carrying Case, yet it’s designed for the Nokia N93. Considering the dimensions of said phone, I don’t think it’d be a good fit for anything else. The CP-117 offers some smartly-placed holes that allow you to use the arrow keys and charging plugs. Also included is a ratchet clip that lets you hang the CP-117 on your belt.

CP-117 Nokia universal carrying case

The CP-111 Nokia Universal Carrying Case

The CP-111 is designed for the Nokia E61, the notoriouis Blackberry killer. It’s very simple and plain-jane, made of black leather (pleather?) with velcro. Like the CP-117, the official case of the E61 comes with a ratchet belt clip. The CP-111 offers some holes that allow you to use headphones with the E61 without having to open it up.

CP-111 Nokia universal carrying case

Well, that concludes this phone case roundup. I’m a little disappointed by the prospects this time around – I’m not a big fan of denim either.




9:46 pm


Just to update you that the Nokia CP-111 I received does not any holes for charges or head phones.

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