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June 7, 2006 in Nokia Randomness

On June 6th (which would be yesterday), Nokia released the results of a global study that they commissioned to basically find out what people currently use their phones for (besides the obvious), what they expect their phones to do in the future, and how they view mobile music.

See the results using the link below.

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The bottom line of the results highlights what Nokia calls “digital convergence,” which is just having one multi-functional device instead of a cell phone, mp3 player, camera, portable gaming device, etc. According to the study, 44% of the respondents said that they used their camera phones as their main cameras. In addition, “over two-thirds predict a music-enabled mobile will replace their MP3 player and nearly half want to connect up their mobile device with their home electronics.”

While I have yet to embrace digital music convergence (I still carry around a cell phone, a PSP for music/games/video, AND a laptop for getting work done), it’s not too hard to see the cell phones heading in that direction. For me, I won’t be converging anything until someone steps up to the plate and makes some decent cell phone batteries.

Mobile web is another feature that seems to be gaining widespread use. 36% of people surveyed said they used their mobile phone to surf the Web monthly, while 36% of users in Japan, on average, used the mobile web daily. That’s pretty crazy.

It’s too bad that rates for mobile web are still hovering at the 1 cent per every 1 kb of data. $1 = 100 kb. That’s not a whole lot on the web, considering some web pages hit the 100 kb mark pretty easily. Unlimited internet for Cingular is still a crappy $20 bucks a month, which is way too much for me.

The Nokia study also covered music preferences – did you know the most popular form of music in the world is…pop? Haha, I bet you didn’t. The results for music genres were: pop (35%), rock (21%), dance (8%), and classical (7%).

Finally, when asked whether users would like to see their entire home linked together (say with a wireless network that connects the pc, stereo system, appliances, printers, etc), 42% said yes.

And one last interesting side note from the study: 100% of people surveyed in Brazil believe they’ll own a mobile phone in the future. That’s higher than anywhere else.



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Hi, excellent blog!

Can you please tell me the link to the Nokia study? Thanks!

10:06 pm

very smart =)

Moonsider Mobile
11:07 am

Nokia study on digital convergence

On June 6th, Nokia has released the results of a global study they did to find out what else consumers do with their cell phone. This study allows them to get a feel of the future of what they call ‘digital convergence’.

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