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Memory Card Review: Ritek RiDATA 1GB miniSD Memory Card

June 10, 2006 in Nokia Phone Accessories

Today’s review is for Ritek’s 1 gigabyte RiDATA miniSD card. Memory cards are getting ridiculously cheap nowadays, and the RiDATA is no exception – this 1 gig stick cost me a measly $23 bucks. (@ NewEgg) The folks at Ritek claim that this card has a 150x “ultra fast” write speed. Is it worth buying? Find out more in the whole review!

Ridata miniSD memory card thumbnail

So here’s the outside packaging: front and back.

Looks fairly decent from the outside. Of course, the actual packaging was a huge pain in the butt to open and altogether not a fun experience. I have to admit, this method of deterring shoplifters (I think) seems to be working quite well.

The entire RiDATA package contains the following:

Clear Case
miniSD to SD adapter card
Warranty Paper

And that’s it. No manual or anything. “Of course,” you might say, “why would I possibly need a manual for this miniSD card?”

Notice anything odd about the adapter? It has a little white switch on the side. In fact, I don’t know what this switch does or doesn’t do. It’s quite freaky.

Other than that, I think the adapter’s a very cool device. It gets the job done and it looks pretty decent too.

Here’s a picture of the actual miniSD card:


The RiDATA 1gb miniSD installed successfully on my Nokia N71 phone the first time. I did a little backup of my old memory card files and transferred them to the RiDATA card. No problems whatsoever.


For the performance test, I copied a 17,742kb zip file to both memory cards (my old Nokia 128mb one and the Ridata. Here’s the results.

Nokia 128 megabyte miniSD – 17,742kb zip file
30.55 seconds
19.75 seconds
19.90 seconds

RiDATA 1 gigabyte miniSD – 17,742kb zip file
18.37 seconds
17.64 seconds
17.64 seconds

Nokia 128 megabyte miniSD – 15,057kb zip file
16.60 seconds
16.53 seconds

RiDATA 1 gigabyte miniSD – 15,057kb zip file
14.85 seconds
14.81 seconds

So from the results, we see that the RiDATA is generally faster even though it’s a larger sized flash memory card. There’s a definitely noticeable improvement in transfer time although I’m not sure about the phrase “ultra fast.” As for the 30 second transfer time for the Nokia 128mb miniSD card, you can probably chalk that one up to system lag or something similar. It’s been included here anyway just for statistics purposes.


The Ritek 1GB RiDATA miniSD memory card is a great card. While I don’t have many other miniSD cards to compare it to other than the trusty stick I received in my Nokia N71 retail package, the comparison between the RiDATA and the Nokia is fairly significant. That’s in favor of the RiDATA.

In addition, the price that was paid for this miniSD card ($243 USD) is simply outstanding for a card of this size. You can find the Ritek RiDATA 1GB mniSD card selling at NewEgg here.

Highly recommended!


5:00 pm

the switch is basicly what robert said. except it is called a lock. is basicly locks your memory card so that when you hook it to the computer, the computer can not access the memory card’s files.

Also locks like that can come on memory cards also.

2:30 am

Switch on the side: almost certainly Write Protect.

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