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Martin Fields Overlay Plus Screen Protector Review (Battle of the Screen Protectors Part 1)

June 30, 2006 in Nokia Phone Accessories

Today marks a long overdue and hopefully long awaited review of two high-quality screen protectors: the Martin Fields Overlay Plus and the invisibleShield. Instead of doing a gigantic review that ended up including something like 20 pictures, I’m splitting it up into two posts. Trust me, it’ll be easier on the eyes.

The first section covers the Martin Fields Overlay Plus. Read the entire review in the full entry.

Martin Fields Overlay Plus screen protector: thumbnail

The Martin Fields Overlay Plus Screen Protector

Martin Fields is considered one of the best screen protector manufacturers out there. We’re not talking about those cheap 99 cent store screen protectors, mind you – these are the removable, washable, and reusable screen protectors that cost about as much as a luxury car. I’m kidding of course (hah!).

In this case, the Overlay Plus that I’ll be reviewing is manufactured specifically for the Nokia N71 phone, and retails for $8.99 (and a minimum of $2.99 shipping).

Martin Fields Overlay Plus screen protector: front view
Front view of the Martin Fields Overlay Plus screen protector packaging.

Now the Overlay Plus is strictly for device screens only. I say this ’cause the inviisibleShield is a sort of “full body armor” for whatever device you purchase it for.

To be honest, the packaging feels very ghetto and cheap. The inside sheet is basically a paper printout which doesn’t help matters. In short, it doesn’t make you feel like you’re holding a very high quality screen protector. I think some of the $2.99 screen protectors have better packaging than this.

Martin Fields Overlay Plus screen protector: backview
Back view.

And here’s a picture of the included screen protector parts.

Martin Fields Overlay Plus screen protector: the protectors

Note that you actually get three screen protectors with the package: one for the outer and inner displays, and one of the camera lens. The little camera lens screen protector seemed to be a nice touch at the time. If I only knew…

As with other Martin Fields screen protectors that I’ve tested before (PSP, N90) the installation was a pain in the *beep*. Going to the dentist is more fun than trying to put on a Martin Fields screen protector. First, getting the actual screen protectors off the CLEAR BACKING was damn near impossible and required me to use my Fingernails of Death. Not to mention those little orange stickers telling you to remove the backing actually left a sticky residue on the screen protectors themselves. Not cool.

After that little nightmare, I finally removed one of the screen protectors (the main inner display one), washed the rough part, and attempted to place it on the phone screen. Now, I have to hand it to Martin Fields. They cut that screen protector piece into a near perfect fit. Unfortunately for me, achieving that perfect fit required some monster finger muscles and about 15 tries before I got it right. (you also need to use tape to remove it if you mess up, otherwise you risk messing it up even more)

Here’s the result.

Martin Fields Overlay Plus screen protector on a Nokia N71

Martin Fields Overlay Plus screen protector
And another one that’s a little easier to see.

When I stepped back to admire my handiwork, I was a little impressed. The Overlay Plus practically melts into your phone screen (ok, not really) – believe, I had to feel around for the edges to make sure I didn’t miss and stick it on the wall or something. It’s THAT invisible.

The Martin Fields Overlay Plus screen protector is practically invisible.
I wasn’t kidding about it being invisible.

It’s also quite thick. I tried scratching it with my fingernail but since it’s a little glossy I can’t seem to get enough friction to properly scratch it. Oh well.

So that seemed to go quite well. Then I decided to go to step 2: placing the camera lens screen protector.

Of course to make a long story short it took another 15 minutes to get the protector off the backing. This one was FAR worse than the inner display protector considering the lens is something like 1 cm x 1 cm. I had to use some expertly placed fingernails and several pieces of tape to get it off.

Now after I had spent all that time removing the screen protector, I noticed that I managed to put a small fingerprint on the rough side of it. No problem, I thought, I could just wash it in water. Well, that failed and after trying several different methods, one of which involved trying to scratch it off, I was left with a rather nasty looking blob on my screen protector. And that’s when I realized two things: 1 – there’s no lifetime guarantee, and 2 – once you mess it up, you’re done.

So my bottom line is: the Martin Fields screen protector is an excellent, thick, high-quality display cover that is 100% invisible on your phone’s display IF you manage to install it correctly. And that’s quite a feat in itself.

A slight note: in the end, I only managed to install the inner display screen protector. I did completely ruin the camera lens protector part, and so far I haven’t mustered up the courage to install the front display protector (the N71 comes with a Nokia one pre-installed anyway).


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