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Accessory: Nokia Remote Camera PT-6 Preview

June 23, 2006

I have to admit: Nokia makes some odd products. Like the wearable picture necklace. Or the “digital pen.” And now Nokia is getting into the security business with the PT-6 Remote Camera.

As usual, more in the full entry.

The Nokia PT-6 Remote Camera thumbnail

The Nokia Remote Camera is a mounted digital camera that can take 1-megapixel pictures when it senses movement. That’s right, a security camera. A security camera that can also MMS pictures or video to any compatible phone.

It gets weirder however. The PT-6 can also accept calls, allowing you to listen in on whatever happening wherever you happened to mount your little Remote Camera. Send the PT-6 a text message, and you’ll get back an image or a video clip. Freaky, huh? Unfortunately, it isn’t exactly cheap as the PT-6 requires a GSM sim card (and I suppose that means a wireless account too) – so in that respect, it’s practically a cell phone.

The Nokia Remote Camera can also be used to record temperature readings AND, of course, text message you when the temperature goes above or below a specified level.

With Bluetooth integrated into the PT-6, you can wirelessly adjust settings without having to mess around with the actual device.

Of course you’re probably thinking that this camera only operates during the day.Sorry to disappoint you, bucko, but the Nokia PT-6 Remote Camera has onboard infrared “eyes” that can take pictures at night too.

Caveats? Well, the Nokia PT-6 uses only the 900/1800 bands, so I guess if you live in the States you’re outta luck. You’ll just have to settle for a lesser security camera.

Last note: the PT-6 Remote Camera can be used outdoors as long as it’s within -20 to +50 degrees Celsius. Just don’t get snow on the lens.

While the PT-6 is a very cool product, I cannot for the life of me figure out why Nokia is making these things to order.

The Nokia PT-6 Remote Camera

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  • Pietro says:

    Is Nokia still selling the remote camera PT-6 and where can I buy? I really need this kind of camera or similar

  • ashkan notes:

    i need only program nokia remot camera pt-6 send mms video clip ashkan birjandi

  • srinivas gopal writes:

    i would like to purchase this Nokia PT-6 remote camera.

    I am using Nokia E 50 Cell phone.

    Please send me more details as price, availability etc.


  • macduff writes:

    A great device on paper. It says everything you want. An ideal tool to keep an eye and ear on things,but for me it had to go back to manufactures. The only thing it did was take temp of surroundings. The camera did not work.I must have got a faulty one. Has anyone had a good experiance with this device?. I’ve heard its been discontinued now.And is there an alternative from nokia that will work with the N73?

  • Peter7 writes:

    Looks great but is unobtainable!

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