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Accessory: Nokia CC-70D GPS XPress-on Shell Preview

June 26, 2006 in Nokia Phone Accessories

I love looking through Nokia’s various regional websites, because you find so many different products offered to different countries. Take the Nokia CC-70D GPS XPress-on GPS shell for example. It’s being marketed and sold on Nokia’s USA site, but it’s nowhere to be found on Nokia UK or Nokia HK (United Kingdom and Hong Kong). Yet we DO see a very nice GPS device for Series 60 Nokia phones on the UK site. What gives?

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Nokia CC-70D GPS Xpress-on GPS shell

So I don’t know very many people who actually WANT a phone that has Xpress-on covers. The few that actually own said phone all got stuck with them, and now they’re just too cheap to get a new one.

Xpress-on supported phones all tend to look exactly the same (namely, old) and they all have the same crappy features. And now you’re probably wondering after all this, where the *boop* is this going?!

Well, imagine if you could combine the wonders of a GPS system into an Xpress-on cover. It would be a hulking behemoth, but hey – it would have GPS! How many phones can do that?

The Nokia CC-70D GPS Xpress-on Shell is exactly what the masses have been clamoring for. Fitting perfectly on phones that use Xpress-on covers, the CC-70D is also a GPS device that uses Java applications to give directions. I’ve been looking at this device for 10 minutes now, and I still have no idea how it connects to the phone. So I guess you’ll just have to trust me on that one.

The good news is the GPS/Xpress-on cover doesn’t require another power source – it just wastes your phone battery. It also comes with the two applications that you’ll need to start using the GPS: “GPS Application” and “Travel Guide.” According to the Nokia product page, the GPS application does not require any kind of wireless internet connection, and includes the following features: waypoints, trip computer, “satellite screen,” tracking, return tracking, and route guidance. Meanwhile the Travel Guide lets you actually look up maps, addresses or points of interest, but requires GSM or GPRS or EDGE or something.

The bad news about the CC-70D “shell” is that when you buy the device, you get a free one-year subscription to a regional map of your choice. Doesn’t sound bad at all, huh? The thing is, every year after the first you’re going to have to “shell” out some money for either a) the same regional map or b) other regional maps that cost even more money.

So after going through this product page, I find this cryptic statement: “It is compatible with the Nokia 5140 phone.” I hope that’s not the case.

The Nokia CC-70D GPS Shell retails for $149.00. And if you ask me, that seems like a major ripoff.


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