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Accessory: Nokia BH-800 Bluetooth Headset

June 11, 2006

I’m not sure if there’s such a thing as the World’s Smallest Bluetooth Headset, but the Nokia BH-800 certainly fits the bill. It’s 1.6 inches by 0.71 inches. That’s like the top two parts of your thumb. It’s SMALL.

Of course, small in the Bluetooth headset universe isn’t a good thing. The smaller the headset, the further away it is from your mouth, and the more chance of “other noises” being picked up by the headset.

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Nokia BH-800 headset thumbnail

Besdies phone compatbility, there’s two main features to look for in a Bluetooth headset: talk time and version. Luckily, the BH-800 headset has a talk time of up to 6 hours, and and a standby time of up to 160 hours.

As for the Bluetooth version, the BH-800 supports the latest Bluetooth 2.0 specification, which includes EDR and a bunch of other excellent improvements that drain less battery and improves sound quality.

Nokia’s site does not list phone compatibility with the newer N91, N70, and N80 models (the N90 is the only Nseries device listed), but there is no reason for it NOT to work on these phones.

Nokia BH-800: one damn small headset

I told you it was small, didn’t I?

This picture scares me. Not because you can barely pick out the BH-800 in the photo, but because I’m positive that guy’s hair is covering another BH-800 on his ear. Ouch!

The Nokia BH-800 headset comes with the following:

The Headset
AC-3U Charger
Headset Strap and Pouch
Removable Ear Loop (why would you remove this? to wear it around your neck?)

Should you wish to buy one, you can grab it off of Nokia’s USA site for a whopping $179.00 USD. Hey, technology ain’t cheap.

Nokia BH-800 headset

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  • bAnE writes:

    Its a shame when someone like me buye this accesories for 150 eurs in official nokia store in belgrade and it is from CHINA. In China same one is 9 eur. Bad very bad

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