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Accessories: Nokia Phone Carrying Case Roundup

June 24, 2006 in Nokia Phone Accessories

Nokia sells lots of cell phones. And of course, they sell lots of accessories to go along with them. And since accessories are a ton more profitable than cell phones, Nokia goes pretty much all out with stuff. Today we’ll be looking at a bunch of new and not-so-new phone carrying cases.

The Nokia CP-109 Case thumbnail

The Nokia Phone Case Roundup

The Nokia CP-110 Case

First up we have the CP-110 carrying case. Designed for Nokia’s many candy bar “monoblock” phones such as the N91, N80, N70, and E70, the CP-110 is made of clear flexible plastic. It’s actually more of a pouch than a case really. It also comes with a carrying strap, and includes an inner pocket to store your junk. Reportedly, this case also hold the Nokia N71.

The Nokia CP-109 Case

Next is the CP-110′s predecessor, the Nokia CP-109. One look at this will tell you eveything: the CP-109 is the perfect complement to the Nokia “Fashion Line” of cell phones. In other words, the 7360, 7370, and 7380. Unfortunately, it’s made of a soft cloth to accentuate your cell phone, not protect it (Nokia advises you to use the pouch as a lens and screen cleaner). I don’t recommend dropping your phone when it’s in this case, it may not survive the fall. Note: phone jewelry on the pouch is removable.

The Nokia CP-108 Case

And now the predecessor of the predecessor. Meet the CP-108, fluent in over six million forms of communi- never mind. Well, I guess it’s more normal than the other two. No one is quite sure what the CP-108 is made of, but it’s made for your Nokia clamshell or flip phone. (N71, 7270, 6136, etc) Looks too small to fit the Nokia N90 however. The CP-108 is also padded on the inside, and comes with a detachable carrying strap.

The Nokia CP-74 Case

Which brings us to…the only Nokia case created solely for the Nokia N90. The Nokia CP-74 case is made of genuine leather and has a swivel belt clip on the backside. The side is open so you can access the headset ports and side joystick (but you can’t see the screen…oh well). There’s also a space for a memory card. Designed for the N90, but may fit the Nokia N71 and the 6280.

The Nokia CP-71 Case

The Nokia CP-71 is a “padded foam” case that be fit a variety of different Nokia cell phones. According to the capability chart, it can hold the N70, Nokia 6680/6681/6682, 6280, 6270, and 3250. It’s a pretty basic case that allows space for the power plug and pop-port connector.

The Nokia CP-69 Case

Another padded case with a belt clip that allows you to wear it vertically or horizontally. Designed for many different Nokia phones: N70, N80, Nokia 8800, 7360, 6280, etc. Honestly, the Nokia CP-69 case looks decent and uses a Velcro strap to hold your phone in place.

The Nokia CP-93 Case

The Nokia CP-93 case is shrouded in mystery. Ok, we know it’s a carrying case that’s made of brown (genuine?) leather, and I would say it’s the case that Chinese companies are making tons of knockoffs of. (I have one of these knockoffs myself) No word on what phones fit inside though.


Nokia 5800 Blog
2:33 am

I liked the Nokia CP-71 case , what is the price of this case, and how can i purchase it.


8:24 am

how much is the case for 6280?

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