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Phone Review: Nokia N71 Phone (Part 1)

May 26, 2006 in Nokia Phone Reviews

Today is Day One of my two-day long Nokia N71 phone review. As you may well know, the N71 is Nokia’s second Nseries flip phone, with the first being the Nokia N90. However, you can’t really compare the two phones – the N90 is just a killer camera phone with superb quality photos while the N71 is more of a jack-of-all-trades cell phone. The N71 has a lot of great features, but it doesn’t have that one distinguishing feature that makes it stand out from the crowd. And I don’t think that’s necessarily a Bad Thing.

Read more in the extended entry. (a must read!)

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The N71 Box

The Nokia N71 box

Impressive looking, of course, but nothing compared to Apple’s Box Design Team.

Inside the Nokia N71 Box

Inside the Nokia N71 box

Nokia usually provides lots of little goodies with their high-end Nseries phones. This time it looks like they’re cutting back a little bit:

What’s included: Pop-port to USB data cable, 128mb miniSD card, pop-port to 3.5mm jack converter, wired stereo headphones with remote, battery, charger, lots of manuals and booklets, and an “owner’s card.”

Let’s be real here. The Nokia N90 phone box included everything here minus the 3.5mm jack converter and the miniSD card, but also came with a “STANDARD Nokia charger connector to mini Nseries charger connector,” MMC card, MMC card reader, microfiber screen wipe, and carrying strap. The N71 box just feels lame in comparison.

The N71 Front Side

The front of the Nokia N71 phone houses the outer display, the 2 megapixel camera, and a single button located on the bottom center of the phone. What’s this button you say? It’s basically an all in one ok button, silence button, and snooze button. What irks me is that when you receive a text message, the outer display will show the confirmation but WON’T show you the actual message. You’ll have to flip open the phone for that. Yet you still have to press this stupid button to close the text message notification. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

The Nokia N71 Camera

Speaking of the camera, let’s take a look. Now, the only other serious 2 megapixel camera I’ve used is the Nokia N90, with its Carl Zeiss optics. Click on the thumbnails to open the full image.

Nokia N71 Sample Image 1Nokia N71 Sample Image 2

Nokia N90 Sample Image 1Nokia N90 Sample Image 2

These are the two best pictures I could come up with from both the Nokia N71 camera and the Nokia N90 camera. The top two are the N71, and the bottom two are the N90. You be the judge!

Video quality on the N71, unfortunately, is not that impressive. It doesn’t even come close to the Nokia N90. (the N71 is choppier with a crappier frame rate to boot)

The bottom line on the N71 camera is that it’s a great still image camera. Photos came out way better than I ever expected from a 2 megapixel camera WTIHOUT Carl Zeiss.

Let’s finish up part 1 with…

The Power Button

Yeah, I couldn’t figure this one out for the longest time. The power button is actually located on the BOTTOM of the flip. And it looks like a screw too so you can’t really tell. Neat.

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