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Phone Preview: Nokia 8800/8801 Phones

Yes, this phone has been released and re-released for some time – however, I’m always on the lookout for something that could possibly be another daily post at the Nokia Phone Blog. Enter the Nokia 8800/8801 cell phone.

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Nokia 8800 Phone

The Nokia 8800/8801 Phone

Nokia 8800 - full size

When the Nokia 8890 hit the scene back in 2000 or so it was the most expensive Nokia cell phone to date. And it was ridiculous – aluminum finish, “world phone,” white backlight, internal antenna – the features that we certainly take for granted these days were no laughing matter during the reign of the 8890. It was almost the Ferrari of cell phones back then.

With the release of the Nokia 8800 series which includes the Nokia 8800 and Nokia 8801 for 900 and 850 mhz markets respectively, Nokia again seeks to capture the high-end stylish phone market.

The 8800 has graduated a notch above the aluminum finish of the 8890 to a stainless steel surface. It’s still a “sliding” candybar phone with the bottom cover sliding up and down, exposing the keypad. It’s also still a world phone, with triband 900/1800/1900 or 850/1800/1900 configurations.

The display is your average 208×208 pixel screen supporting 256k colors. Nokia wisely added a scratch-resistant glass window plating on the phone so you don’t go around scratching the vital parts.

Let’s talk a look at the camera.

As expected, the camera is located on the back of the phone, where you’ll need to slide the keypad down in order to use it. Unfortunately for the photographers among us, the picture quality on the 8800/8801 phone is officially lousy, with a mere .5 megapixels. No, not 5 megapixels, POINT 5 megapixels. Wow, we haven’t seen one of these in quite a while.

Memory is entirely built-in and a little sparse. You get 64 megabytes of internal memory for ringtones/mp3s/videos/whatever, which is not very impressive. No expandable memory.

As for hands-free talking, the Nokia 8800/8801 phone includes a standard integrated loudspeaker and wireless headset support over Bluetooth.

This phone isn’t meant to be feature-rich despite what the price tag may tell you. It’s the type of phone that’s almost entirely there just for the look. Unfortunately, you will probably never see one outside of a crappy Nokia Experience Center. Yeah, I went to one of the “Centers” and it wasn’t very impressive, that’s for sure.

And speaking of price tag, the 8800/8801 retails for $799.99. That’s right, eight hundred dollars for some metal, a screen, and some small buttons. Did I mention that there’s also a black version? That one retails for 799 British Pounds, or $1463 US dollars. At that price, I would expect a healthy dose of diamonds and flawless gems encrusted into the stainless steel finish.

Unfortunately, all you get is a paint job.

The Nokia 8800 camera
An exposed keypad view of the 8800




7:28 pm

hmmm, about the 8800, it’s a great phone, eventhough it doesnt have the greatest camera, it still manages to take great pictures… it’s a VGA camera, ( the quality is actually better than nokia’s own 1.5 mega pixel camera) seen it with my own two eyes… the only problem that i noticed with this phone is the lack of good battery power, it runs out realli easy after a while… but other than that, it’s a great phone, u cant break it… god knows how many times i’ve dropped it… it’s the best phone i have ever had… only if the camera was better, but trust me, if u keep your pictures on your cell, it’s a greaaat camera, and if u transfer them over, they still look great, trust me, i have one…

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