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Phone Preview: Nokia 6270 Phone

Today is a great day. My Nokia stock (NYSE: NOK) is up following a little stock market rebounding, I got my Nokia N71 phone, and I’ve got plenty of fresh content for at least a day or two.

While I’m still fooling around (testing) with my N71, we’ll be looking at the Nokia 6270 phone. This is a quad-band, slider cell phone. It’s got, among others, a 2 megapixel camera with flash, integrated stereo speakers (3D sound supported), and a very generous keypad – for a slider.

Nokia 6270 phone thumbnail

The Nokia 6270 Phone

Bands: Triband 850/900/1800/1900
Weight: 125 grams / 4.4 ounces
Thickness: 23 mm
Nokia 6270 SAR value: .74 W/kg ear (more info on SAR values and cell phone radiation here)
Battery: BL-5C 970 mah
Talk time: up to 5 hours
Camera: 2 megapixel w/ flash
Interface: Series 40 Third Edition

While the Nokia 6270 phone doesn’t hold a candle to the likes of the Nokia N80 (the REAL slider phone), it still manages to pack some very decent features at a very decent price. Designed as a mid tier phone, the 6270 (unfortunately) uses the Series 40 Third Edition user interface. Guess if you’re Nokia you can’t make another Symbian slider phone without interfering with the N80. (by the way, read the Nokia N80 phone preview here)

It does have active standby, which, for those of you who don’t know, is a very handy feature. Active standby places upcoming calendar/notes/to-do items and shortcuts on your Nokia phone’s idle screen. You can add up to 4 or 5 shortcuts, and map your left and right selection keys to 2 more shortcuts.

Most slider phones have one annoying “feature” in common – a tiny keypad. After all, when the keypad is sliding out from under the phone you don’t have a whole lot of space to use. Thankfully, the keypad on the Nokia 6270 phone is generous by any comparison. It’s actually quite large.

Did I also mention that there’s expandable memory? MiniSD, to be exact. It’s amazing how this phone is turning more and more into an N40 – that is, half an N80 phone. The whole package actually comes with a 128 mb stick of miniSD which is fairly generous (compared to other Nokia phones, but not other manufacturers’ phones). My N71 just came with a 128 mb stick and come on – the difference in price is pretty large.

Other notable features are Bluetooth, nice sized 320×240 screen, FM radio, push to talk, infrared, and Java.

Which brings us to the retail price of the Nokia 6270 – it’s $550 USD. Should be a lot cheaper on ebay.

Nokia 6270 PhoneNokia 6270 - open view



Nikhil Sharma
4:13 pm

My Nokia 6270 phone has developed a problem. It simply would not start!!!!!!!!!!!!.

At loading gives out a greeting and when it should disappear again reboots few times. Without sim-card phone does not reboot, but writes to Insert a sim card and PC Suite does not see it at this time.

Reply to Nikhil Sharma

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