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Phone Preview: Nokia 6233 Phone

It looks like your typical crappy budget Nokia phone. So why is there a dedicated phone preview just for this cell phone?

Because budget phones don’t have stainless steel casings, 3D surround sound speakers, and a 2 megapixel camera. …huh?

However, while the Nokia 6233 is being marketed as a business/pleasure mid-tier phone, it’s still operating on the Series 40 (albeit the newest edition) user interface. Read more about this enigma in the extended entry.

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The Nokia 6233 Phone

Bands: Triband 900/1800/1900, WCDMA/3G
Weight: 110 grams / 3.8 ounces
Thickness: 18 mm
SAR value: 0.80 W/kg ear (more info on SAR values and cell phone radiation here)
Battery: BP-6M-S
Talk time: up to 4 hours
Camera: 2 megapixel
Interface: Series 40 3rd Edition
Other Features: Bluetooth, Java games/applications, expandable memory (microSD), push to talk, active standby, FM radio, mp3 support

Enigma’s a great word that completely describes the Nokia 6233 phone. It’s got a ton of great features – yet it’s still missing some obvious ones such as an integrated flash (on a 2mp camera no less), Symbian (marketing a business phone that mixes with pleasure and no Symbian?), and maybe integrated email client (included client is in java and well, we know how good that is).

Looks-wise, the Nokia 6233 doesn’t have much to offer. To be honest, it looks like any other budget Nokia phone with a candy bar form factor. Visually, it just ain’t that impressive. At least the display is quite large with a 320×240 pixel dispay supporting 262k colors.

The camera is a 2 megapixel wonder, has no integrated flash, and I’m not even sure that it takes video clips. Considering the phone comes with a meager 6 mb of memory (expandable to 2 gb with microSD) this isn’t too far off though.

In terms of multimedia, the Nokia 6233 supports everything but the kitchen sink. MP3, AAC, MP4 – trust me, you name the 3-letter file format and the 6233 will support it. Just don’t expect DIVX support on this phone (or on any phone). No Symbian = No SmartMovie.

There’s some nice application and game support on the 6233. You get the standard Converter II Java app, plus a couple of games – Nokia World Cup, 3D Street Racer, and 3D Snake. 3D game support is native on this phone, and I would expect the Nokia to lift the 64k Java app restriction for these games. (the reason I mention this is because my Nokia 6030 phone DOES NOT run Java files greater than 64k). You also get access to the Bluetooth API which opens up a door to multiplayer gaming and wireless connections between cell phones. Very cool but not supported on too many phones (and the ones that do usually have Symbian anyway). At least we see that Java isn’t just a total waste of space.

The last notable feature which I thought worth including here is the addition of 3D “surround sound” onboard stereo speakers. Now, I don’t really understand how tiny little speakers on a little Nokia 6233 can be surround sound, but this is neglecting the true point. I believe the only other phone with onboard stereo speakers is the Nokia N92, which is practically extinct already (and it hasn’t even been released yet, dammit!). A very high-end feature on a mid-tier phone. Interesting.

Back of the Nokia 6233Nokia 6233 phone



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i want to n6233 suported softwares… pls send….

10:10 am

Plz send me any player for nokia 6233 can i install any player in this phone ?

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