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Phone Preview: Nokia 6708 Phone

April 23, 2006

This is definitely a Nokia cell phone you don’t see every day, unlike the N70s, N90s, or N61s to name a few.

The Nokia 6708 is the phone that you’ve probably heard of (and most likely never will) – unless you live in Hong Kong or China. It’s a stylus-based smartphone with a lot of Chinese language support, and the latest incarnation of the very original Nokia 6108 stylus phone. A very cool device.

As usual, see extended entry for more details.

The Nokia 6708 Phone

Bands: Triband 900/1800/1900
Weight: 150 grams / 5.29 ounces / .33 pounds
Thickness: 18 mm
SAR value: .69 W/kg ear (more info on SAR values and cell phone radiation here)
Battery: BP-3001L
Talk time: up to 6 hours
Camera: 1.3 megapixel w/ anti-vibration
Interface: Symbian ?
Other Features: Stylus, touch-screen, handwriting recognition, bluetooth, IR, loudspeaker, expandable SD/miniSD, mp3/video

At it’s core, the Nokia 6708 is a triband, 900/1800/1900 world phone with a touch screen and stylus. It’s got support for Chinese and English languages and provides handwriting recognition for both, along with many typical Symbian features.

The camera’s an average 1.3 megapixel photo taker, with “anti-shaking” technology that I have yet to see implemented in other Nokia camera phones. Unfortunately, the camera is also missing flash technology.

It isn’t specified whether there’s an onboard Chinese/English translator as was the case with the Nokia 6108, but I would definitely expect it.

An interesting rumor/possible factoid is that the Nokia 6708 is a rebranded BenQ P31 smartphone. Apparently BenQ partnered up with Nokia to release this phone, and Nokia may be releasing more pen-based models in the future. It does look like, for now, Nokia will be keeping the pen-based phones in the Chinese market, as writing Chinese characters is just a royal pain with a keypad (i’ve tried).

The Nokia 6708 phone retails for about $536 USD.


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  • Anand Sisodia says:

    Its a very nice phone. Gives a look of official phone with big screen. I prefer this instead of other nokia N70, N72.

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