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New Nokia Cell Phones Announced (a step back?)

On March 30, 2006, Nokia announced three “new” cell phones at the Nokia Experience Mobility 2006 Event: the Nokia 1112 phone, the Nokia 2310 phone, and the Nokia 2610 phone. (you know that whenever Nokia launches a phone with a model number less than 5000 it’s almost definitely budget). And these phones are definitely for the budget-conscious.

The Nokia 1112 Phone

The Nokia 1112 phone is what you could call a “starter” phone. It’s meant for new cell phone users and includes “graphical icons and large font sizes” and a sort of onboard help system that lets these newbies get acquainted with their new Nokia cell phone.

Another notable feature is a talking clock which can speak in several languages (actually kind of cool) depending on the location. The Nokia 1112 phone, fortunately for new cell phone users, does not include a camera, loudspeaker, or even color. Take that, seasoned cell phone veterans!

Available in “Q2 2006″ at a starting estimated price of 45 euros (about $55 USD).

Next, let’s take a look at the Nokia 2310 phone. (trust me, these phones only get better)

What do you know…it looks just like the Nokia 1112! Other than the royal ugly color choice, the Nokia 2310 phone offers several more options for “more seasoned” cell phone users. The main addition (besides the use of color on the display screen) is an FM-radio, accessible through a dedicated radio button. The Nokia 2310 also includes a “sound visualization” graphics feature that moves in sync with the music.

Since it looks this phone is destined for the prepaid phone market, Nokia has preloaded their “Nokia Prepaid Tracker” software, which allows you to view your prepaid account balance after a phone call or text message. Not sure why it took this long for this to become available…

As for customizations, the covers (unclear as to whether both front and back, or just front) can be exchanged with different color schemes.

The Nokia 2310 phone will retail for 65 euros, or $79 USD.

The Nokia 2610

Finally, we have here the highest-end phone on Nokia new Budget line. I have to admit…this phone actually looks decent (a little reminiscent of the Sony Ericsson T610 maybe) and it appears to have a generously sized (color) screen. I love this sentence on the Nokia press release: “A first for entry phones, the Nokia 2610 includes e-mail support as well as mobile Internet access via a WAP browser.”

Well, the Nokia 2610 phone has an integrated loudspeaker, supports mp3 ringtones, MMS, voice recording, and has an English-Chinese dictionary. Guess we won’t be seeing this high-tech phone in the U.S.A. any time soon. I think we can safely say the 2610 is headed to the exploding Chinese market.

The Nokia 2610 phone will retail for 75 euros, or $91 USD. Note that the prices given here are before any taxes or “subsidies,” which is basically the discount you get if you purchase it with a plan. More than likely these will be free in Chinatown.

Nokia doesn’t actually specify what bands any of these phones use, so I won’t bother to venture a guess there.



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