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More About the Nokia N90 Firmware v3.0535.4.3

April 28, 2006 in Nokia Randomness

After a 2 week hiatus, I received my “repaired” N90 phone in the mail yesterday. Sadly enough, the firmware was NOT upgraded to the latest (which is 5.05), but instead they left me with “3.0543.4.1.” And Nokia managed to crack a small piece on the top of the phone too. Damn it!!!

I’ve been fooling around with my new, cracked, N90 and I’m not noticing any fixes. The camera still takes awhile to open, that annoying bug that locks the camera in closed mode is still there, and the phone is still heavier than most bricks. I’m so ready to swap my N90 for an N92.

Here’s an updated list of changes for version 3.0543.4.1. (source: symbianfreak, with a lot of grammar mistakes fixed by me)

v 2.0530.3.5 (the worst version ever) to v 3.0535.4.3


  • Improved performance when closing camera in camera mode.
  • Improved performance when opening Media Gallery application
  • Phone does not reset any more when twisted from imaging mode to fold open mode during information note is shown.
  • Flickering in media gallery is reduced.
  • Blank black screen in viewfinder mode (flip closed) keyguard-related defect is corrected.
  • Media gallery does not crash any more when moving the joystick too fast while gallery generates thumbnails of videos for the first time
  • Video camera does not go to standby any more after one minute when video recording is paused and resumed
  • Video recording track speed with night scene settings corrected
  • Number of remaining photos corrected when resolution is changed
  • Inconsistent use of flash symbols in imaging mode camera and camera mode is corrected
  • With headset connected Video and Still capture tones are now played through both speaker and headset
  • Corrected the very first sequence capture after boot if taken with flash
  • Image quality settings functionality in camera mode
  • Video recording can now be started after new MMC inserted
  • Improved camera parameters, e.g. white balance improvements
  • In some cases video clips taken with N90 MP4 were displayed as corrupted items in previous sw. With some imported video clips the file is shown as a corrupted item even though Media Gallery can pley the video.
  • ‘Application already in use note’ and phone crash when image was edited, new picture was taken and edited
  • Solved: Opening CD protected jpg image with expired rights: information note was missing, thumbnail view opened
  • System error (-1) is not shown any more when trying to send animated gif via email
  • Movie Director application usage is now allowed in landscape
  • Corrected: Video editor in landscape, use Browser functionality to download new sound, functionality will be cancelled
  • Video Editor – Option Wipe bottom and Wipe top are switched
  • Manual video editor functionality improved.
  • Still image editor: Flickering reduced when cropping an image
  • Still Image Editor is not closed without saving the edited image when ending a call
  • Image print application was closed when pressing selection key when no images in gallery
  • Help texts remain now in landscape when the device goes to idle in imaging mode


  • When BT was turned off, HSP and HFP were not unregistered in previous sw
  • Bluetooth audio improvements:
  • Ringtone was not played correctly when using CK-1W carkit
  • Jabra BT200 BT Handsfree cannot activate voice dialing
  • Automatic answer does not work with BHF-3
  • Multipoint connection created from/to phone fails with Audi carkit

Call and network management:

  • Improved Log application startup time
  • When voice command activation is canceled the phone does not freeze any more.
  • Intermittent landscape mode activations and audio routing to loudspeaker should not occur any more. Access to voice mail is now faster
  • Calling from Speed dialing to undefined Voice Mailbox does not crash the application any more
  • Pressing the ‘options’ when Any-Key Answer is activated does not answer the call any more
  • Video Sharing support now more than 1 PDP context, previously context was killed if reserved
  • DTMF is now enabled during video telephony also in imaging mode
  • UI problems when calling emergency call with rejected SIM cards and during PIN code query are solved in this software release.
  • Empty choices are no more displayed with ‘New voice message’ on Cover UI.
  • Outgoing data call is not shown as video call in Cover UI any more
  • Automatic redialing functionality corrected
  • Phone icon changes now according to call state, while using Snapshot Camera during an active call.
  • IHF logic correction: IHF not active anymore after creating second call, loudspeaker activated during first call
  • S60 API DLL included for Ctelephony. This has been requested especially by application developers.
  • Received video calls were not shown in received call list
  • Phonebook – Wrong icon was used in ‘Address-work’ detail
  • Database for voice dialling ate flash memory too much
  • Voice dialing UI jamming corrected if synthesizer was disabled in voice command settings
  • Delay between SIND activation tone and ‘Speak Now’ Dialog is reduced
  • Phonebook uses now SVG image instead of bitmap icon in a tab
  • Memory management improved, no more ‘Log: Memory full. Close some applications and try again.’ Messages when calling from Logs many times.


  • Text input speed in long text messages improved (wonder how this works?)
  • Messaging center is not locked up any more when new mailbox was created and Back-key was pressed multiple times
  • SMS was stored in Inbox after received Class 0 SMS is closed with red ‘End’ button
  • Error Message when sending images over maximum size corrected
  • Icon is now shown when inserting SD protected image file with expired rights to SMIL Editor
  • Missing attachments in MMS with text slides corrected
  • Flickering in USSD editor is reduced.
  • Image is now visible in SMIL presentation preview
  • MMS can now be received during WCDMA call ongoing and SWIS settings have been set
  • MMS can now be received during streaming, problem in 3G when no multiple pdp contexts are not supported


  • Mailbox speed improved with lots of POP mails
  • POP3 mail messages that are not downloaded do not disappear from phone mailbox any more.
  • Chat: Smiley icons are now shown correctly when inserting them into message


  • Browser does not attempt to contact default homepage anymore when it is started.
  • Cache functionality corrected when clock’s date format changed from day-month-year
  • Overlapping issue in en.wikipedia.org is corrected.
  • Options menu problem after reject ‘Closing a secure connection?’ dialog is corrected
  • Broken layout problems when viewing images in browser are corrected.
  • Browser bookmark and auto bookmark highlights flickering reduced after changing to application shell and back.
  • XHTML-handling corrected: < div>< /div> is not treated as block element when it is empty
  • Edit options menu can now pop up in input field after short press Edit key.
  • ‘Globe’ animated image is now shown correctly in ‘bookmarks’
  • Certain types of wireless BMP images can now be displayed wbmp.
  • Unnecessary ‘Web: Connection time-out’ removed.
  • Animated GIFs playing improved in Tile view
  • Browser does not attempt automatic connection anymore, works as 6680

Video editor corrections:

  • Video Editor activation from Landscape Media Gallery
  • Playback functionality improved in cut video clip
  • Inserted image date corrected
  • Video Editor crash when Cancel is pressed during MP4 processing for MMS is corrected
  • Reboot/Media gallery crash corrected.
  • Gallery visibility improvement, now it is possible to distinguish between the Video and Picture download because URLs naming changed.
  • Music Player is now using the colors defined in active skin
  • N90 will not play AAC files that were not encrypted by OMA DRM Separate Delivery and the Video content with audio, when using the file as a ring tone
  • Listening to MP3 via headset and incoming SMS -> MP3 is not played via IHF during message receiving tone is played.
  • Twist to landscape while streaming crashed ROP and Browser
  • Streaming is replayed if resumed when all data in buffer
  • RTSP Teardown not sent from the handset if Pause/Resume is issued too close to the end of a Vidiator stream clip

Other applications:

  • Ringing tone was lost when MMC with active ringing tone was removed
  • Cover display brightness settings improved.
  • Cover UI crash with screen saver running is corrected.
  • SIM ATK: Set up idle mode text with icon did not work correctly
  • SIM ATK: Maximum length string is now supported in SIM ATK command Get Input
  • Application manager problem corrected: Wrong icon is shown if DRM protected application doesn’t have DRM rights
  • CBSServer and phone crash on CB reception is corrected.
  • Flicker problem in to-do application is corrected.
  • Pressing end key while opening Personalisation don’t cause KERNEXEC- 3 any more
  • Default settings for MMS in Vanilla SW corrected for EMEA region.
  • Autolock icon position in the screen corrected.
  • Power menu ok/cancel selection does not hang the phone any more
  • Clock – skin handling improvement
  • Themes – Preview of a theme showed large white space instead of the actual background
  • Converter uses now text colors defined in active skin
  • Display is now updated correctly in Converter application
  • Vcard over BT view in the inbox is not skinned and white bars visible
  • Dial-up functionality with always-on PDP context improved
  • Operator names on display corrected.
  • The phone does not read SPDI field in Telstra USIM card
  • Wrong Operator name shown
  • Cell info is not displayed on cover display.
  • USSD timer implementation to solve following problem: Error handling MAP Unstructered SSNotify message.


  • Text color of ticker was not correct
  • DRM – JAVA files were not supported
  • Opening of PopUpChoiceGroup crashed the midlet
  • Java installationdid not work correctly in all circumstances
  • Any java app that access the browser gets stuck
  • Compatibility problems concerning some PsiNT applications are corrected.
  • Corrected the icon shown if DRM protected application did not have DRM rights
  • Application Installer don’t jam any more if purchase of SD SIS file’s rights is cancelled

Personal information management:

  • Data Transfer functionality is improved: Only Contacts and Calendar data were copied at first attempt.
  • Bluescreens when using Data transfer application
  • Many improvements in localization has been implemented
  • Imaging and office folder icons corrected to Hebrew language package
  • ‘Phone locked’ icon available
  • Icons have been improved when applications are selected in active standby.
  • A lot of SVG icon optimizations have been implemented
  • ‘No charging’ tone and charging notification corrected when calling MO call
  • Application logo disappearing from application shell has been corrected
  • Back light is now working when opening fold after screen saver preview
  • Operator info changes
  • Autolock icon position in display corrected
  • Intermittent landscape mode activations and audio routing to loudspeaker should not occur any more.
  • Phone does not stuck any more when unformatted MMC Card has been put to N90
  • Clock keeps on running when battery removed
  • Cover display backlight adjustment corrected


Segun Stevev
12:48 am

I cannot go to my Text Messages to create o recieve Text messages. I can only create MMS. i will be glad if i can repair it

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