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Accessory: Krusell Nokia N90 Phone Case Review

April 3, 2006 in Nokia Phone Accessories

I received my official Krusell Nokia N90 leather phone case today.

There’s a couple of things I like to look for in a phone case: design, how tight it fits, warranty, and how well or badly it interferes with phone usage. That last one is especially important in this case because the Nokia N90 is such a unique phone – the ability to twist it in almost every possible direction makes designing a good N90 case a pretty tough job.

The last case I bought, the N90 silicone phone case, didn’t make the cut and is now collecting dust on my desk. Let’s see if the Krusell leather case fares better.

Nokia N90 Krusell Phone Case

The Krusell Red Label Genuine Leather Nokia N90 Phone Case

I have to admit, the Krusell packaging is pretty slick looking. The packaging is small, made of heavy cardboard with some smooth coating, held together with internal magnets, and the overall design is stylish.

The actual phone case looks a little on the disappointing side when you first open the packaging. It definitely doesn’t look as nice as it does on the outside.

I personally can’t tell the difference between leather, pleather, and whatever other cheap imitations out there so I can’t vouch for the “genuine leather” aspect.

What you see is what you get in the whole package.

Comes with the case, and a detachable belt clip. The manual makes a pretty big deal about how you can attach all kinds of “multidapt” compatible connector pieces to this – it looks like there’s a couple products that let you attach it to your car, bike, motorcycle, Segway, etc.

The actual Nokia N90 phone case fits VERY tightly. I like that. This is mostly due to the small elastic band on the back of the case, so you have to stretch it out to put on the top cover.

I did have a little trouble getting my N90 phone into the case, but as long as you use the on/off button on the N90 phone to align the case you should be all right. Note that there is a clear soft plastic cover for the outer display but none for the inner display.

Here’s the side view.

There’s still a small gap between the top and bottom parts of the phone when the Nokia N90 is closed, but it isn’t large enough to register. If the gap is wide enough the phone thinks the flip is actually open and shuts off the display, making the case pretty useless – a nice fact highlighted by that crappy silicone case.

Now how well does the Krusell Leather Nokia N90 phone case integrate with the camera functions? Unfortunately it doesn’t do as well here. Because the entire case is one-piece AND fairly tight, you’ll need to remove top cover from the phone if you want to take a quick picture.

Now ripping the cover over really quickly isn’t too bothersome. But putting it on and re-aligning the phone cover so it closes completely is pretty crazy annoying. In addition, you lose the functionality of using the outer display as a viewfinder for really fast pictures. The thing is – there aren’t many cases specifically made for the Nokia N90 phone that fit as well as this one, and I forgot to mention, the Krusell case has a lifetime warranty. So it’s a tough call.

Personally, I’ll be keeping the Krusell leather case on my Nokia N90 phone for the time being.



  • Fits the Nokia N90 phone like a glove
  • Multidapt connections allow you to hook up the Krusell case to almost anything
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Uses an elastic band for a tighter fit

Not so good

  • Krusell case requires you to remove the top cover to take a picture
  • No more taking pictures in closed flip mode
  • No side impact protection


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