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Accessory: Emergency Nokia Phone Accessories Preview

April 30, 2006 in Nokia Phone Accessories

Batteries these days are still pretty crappy. You still get your standard “optimal” 3-5 hour talk time even though it’s probably around 1-3 hours in real life. Since battery technology isn’t improving as fast as cell phone technology, you need a workaround.

Enter the “Emergency Nokia Phone Accessories Preview.” We’ll look at a couple products that are letting you get more use out of your Nokia cell phone provided you have time and energy (mostly time).

The Emergency Foot Crank

Solar Power Nokia Phone Chargers

soldius Mobile Phone Charger

Ok, it’s not actually just for Nokia phones. There’s a bunch of these, but the one I’m looking at is the Soldius Mobile Phone Charger. Just leave it out in (direct) sun for 3 hours, and you’ll have a full charged phone! According to the website, the Soldius phone charger is good for 90,000 chargers which equals “5 charges a day, 365 days a year, for 49 years.”

Of course, I would love to test this out, but I don’t have one and it doesn’t look like the company is going to send me one for free either.

The Soldius Mobile Phone charger retails for $89.99 (comes with 5 phone adapters) and is available here.

The Hand/Foot Powered Phone Charger

Foot Powered Phone Charger

The Freeplay FreeCharge Weza foot crank charger is a dangerous looking 17.75 pound object with a large foot pedal. Ok, so this is only for the truly hardcore and is not something that you’re going to jam into your pocket. Still, the FreeCharge Weza can jumpstart boats, cars, and your Nokia phone. (retail price: $294.95)

Motorola hand crank.

Not to be outdone, the OTHER FreeCharge device is a hand crank phone charger that was made by Motorola (boo) and the Freeplay guys some time ago. Unlike the solar powered charger, this one contains its own 1000 mah onboard battery that can be used to provide power to a dead cell phone. Simply pull the handle out from the FreeCharge and start crankin’. Motorola’s rating on this device is 45 seconds of crankin’ will produce about 4-6 minutes of talk time.

The Cellboost Disposable Battery/Charger

Good 'ol Cellboost. Disposable phone battery

The Cellboost provides about 60 disposable minutes of talk time to your compatible cell phone or smartphone. Unfortunately, once those 60 minutes are up, the cellboost is worth as much to you as a used tissue – you won’t be using it again, that’s for sure.

Retailing for about $10 bucks, it’s a lazier alternative to crankin’ your own power.

And that’s it. If you’ve found any wackier products out there that can give you a boost to your battery life, feel free to post it in the comments.


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