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TOPRAM 512mb RS-MMC DV Flash Memory Card

March 17, 2006 in Nokia Phone Accessories
TOPRAM 512mb RS-MMC card. It works.

TOPRAM 512mb RS-MMC card. It works.

Ok, I admit it – I really cheaped out today because this will probably be the easiest and shortest review ever.

We have here another fine Fleabay product – a 512 megabyte RS-MMC Memory Card, made by Topram…

Newer Nokia cell phones use Dual Voltage RS-MMC cards. These RS-MMCs use up less battery life than the older 3v ones. The dual voltage MMCs are supposed to be backwards-compatible – unfortunately for me, the regular voltage MMCs aren’t. Which is why I needed to purchase another 512 meg flash card to replace my old 512.

Guess which one’s the dual voltage RS-MMC.

Two RS-MMC cards.

Two RS-MMC cards.

(It’s the one on the left)

I don’t think you’d really need anything bigger than 512 megs – I can’t see any real use out of all that storage.

Video? Normally I would say that but my preliminary tests with Smartmovie and the default Xvid Encoder haven’t been very impressive. Playing small clips encoded at a bitrate of 512 kbps has some pretty lousy results, probably something in the ~12fps range. Of course I can’t tell because I still don’t know how to display FPS in Smartmovie…but the bottom line is right now video decoding speeds for this codec are downright horrible.

MP3s? I think now is a great time for my little “Pop-Port” rant. Why does this stupid thing still exist in Nokia phones? I don’t think I’ll ever figure that one out. Just hook up a 2.5mm or 3.5mm jack in there so we can use our own headphones. The loudspeaker is great for playing mp3s, but you can use the loudspeaker only so often. I guess it’s a good thing they put this Fort Knox vault cover for the Pop Port on the N90. It took me five minutes just to figure it out and another five minutes to actually take it off.

On with the review!

I had absolutely no problems installing, formatting on my Nokia phones, or hooking it up to my MMC card reader. Basically, this RS-MMC works as advertised. Considering I’ve owned another TOPRAM RS-MMC card for my Nokia 6260 phone with no problems, I would have to say that this company makes some pretty reliable MMC cards. Definitely worth the money.

I don’t have any other similarly sized DV RS-MMC cards or I’d do a data transfer speed test. I’ll save that for the future.


The 512 mb DV RS-MMC works fine. My old 512 mb Not-DV RS-MMC works fine. Both are made by TOPRAM.



Nutifafa Ohene
10:16 am

1.I have a memory card in my Nokia 6310i of which have been passworded.
unfortunately i forgot the code so i am not able to open it .
Anytime i try to access it,
i am asked for a password.
Kindly help me to decode it.

2.I would also like to know if there is any special software for decoding memory cards for mobile phones..

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