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Previews: Nokia 6131 and Nokia 6136 Phones

There’s two new cell phones up at nokia.com (nokia europe to be exact) – the Nokia 6131 phone and the Nokia 6136 phone. Both look strikingly similar, and for the most part have the same general features. (quad-band, 1.3 mpx camera, inner/outer displays, series 40-ish features, no symbian, expandable memory, etc)

More about these two revolutionary phones in the full entry.

Nokia 6131 Phone

The Nokia 6131 is a quad-band flip phone that would really be just like any other quad-band flip phone except for two notable features – first it has a pretty huge (inner) screen. It’s 2.2 inches wide (diagonal) vs 2.1 inches for the Nokia N90 phone, and supports up to 16 million colors. The outer display supports 262,144 colors which is pretty sweet until you realize it’s a complete waste.

The second “Big” feature is the one-touch opening mechanism. Pressing a small button on the hinge opens the phone so you don’t have to actually get your fingers down and dirty and flip up the phone yourself. It’s hard to really get a feel for this without having one to test but it seems like a welcome feature. Especially considering the Nokia N90 phone is a monster to open – you really gotta get your fingernails in the right spot which half the time seems impossible to me. And then the flip only opens halfway until you flick it with your thumb.

So that’s kinda cool. It’s too bad it’s a Series 40 phone which means you won’t be able to get much PDA type usage or use that awesome screen to watch Smartmovie encoded divx files.

Nokia 6136 Phone

This is a revolutionary phone. On the surface, and even when you look at the features, it’s just a Series 40 Nokia flip phone. Nothing special. Until you read this bullet point on Nokia’s site:

  • GSM/GPRS voice and data services over a broadband connection, enabling excellent indoor coverage
  • Smooth transitions between GSM and WLAN networks

I can’t help but think that this phone (or the idea of it anyway) is the future for cell phone communication everywhere. No more losing connection because you’re in the basement of an apartment building (or in the basement of a comedy club, where I found myself last week with zero connection), or you’re in a dead zone, or whatever. And with GoogleNet (Google’s free wi-fi for everyone everywhere initiative) possibly coming up in San Francisco, well, all I can say is:

“Everything is about to change.”
-quote from Jin on the tv show Lost (which incidentally is on tonight woo!)

The technology behind Nokia’s 6136 is called UMA, which stands for Unlicensed Mobile Access. For more information on UMA, see their web site here.

Nokia’s not the only one – Motorola will probably beat out Nokia this time with the Motorola A910 cell phone. But then again time probably isn’t an issue yet considering wi-fi access is still fairly limited.



1:40 pm

This is a great entry level phone, I have used it for over a year, it has worn really well nad is well featured for what it is, the screens are excellent and the buttons are among the best I have used on any mobile. On the down side it’s working speed for sms and inaging does slow up when you store large files on the memory which I have expanded out to 2Gb and the camera is not really much good, but it is an entry level phone.

4:32 am

I use 6131 for about half an year.
- very good display
- great buttons! the best I’ve used
- good mp3 player, nice sound

- absolutely miserable camera, useless
- get scratched easily, the rubber cover scuffs soon, no protective cover for the inner display
- the lid is a bit cranky

9:43 pm

You know what? I have just told my wife to buy this model from nokia because one yesterday she told me shes planning to buy a new phone.

9:42 pm

Hey people!, don’t you read the spec?, it says it has a expansion slot for memory so memory shortage would not be a problem at all. All I can say is that this phone has all the feature that I need and even what I dont really need. Cool Huh?

9:01 am

this phone is so crap i tellin u now not to buy this phone one it has not got good memory you only can take about 13 picture on this nokia 6131 your recording time is about 50 secs not very good if you wanted to go to a party then take pictures, video recored you cant do that because there not enoght memory on this phone ,one you can not put music on this phone unless you delete everything on your phone which your not going to want if i was you dont buy this crap phone and it is acturly kinda big its not small ,i wish now i brought a another phone,the best thing about this phone is when you press a button aned the flip on the phone opens that about it,all im sayin is do not buy this phone its rubbish. you will hate it soo much thank you.

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