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Preview: Nokia N80 Phone

Yes, it’s that time again to preview a “new” Nokia cell phone – the Nokia N80 phone, part of the Nseries line of high-end mobiles.

Read more about this feature-packed slider in the extended entry.

Nokia announces the N80 smartphone.

Nokia announces the N80 smartphone.

Nokia N80: front

One of the latest nSeries cell phones, the N80 is another nokia “business” (which is nokia code speak for expensive, sort of like how they call first-class seats on airplanes “business class”) slider cell phone similar to the Nokia 6282 phone. With the exception of having a 3 megapixel camera with flash and “20x digital zoom.” I’d hate to see how pixelated 20x digital zoom must be. In addition to the 3 mpx camera on the back (see picture below), the N80 cell phone also has a front situated camera for video conferencing.

It’s also a quad-band Series 60 cell phone, with WLAN/wi-fi support – which so far is pretty unheard of in the Nokia world. To be more correct, it’s quad-band with WCDMA support, so that means 3G if sprint/nextel ever rolls it out in the U.S.A.

The Nokia N80 phone is not yet out in the U.S.A, on the nokiausa page there is the cryptic line “The Nokia N80 Phone has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”).” Guess it’s still going to be a couple of months before we can all go out and buy it for $600 usd or however much it is.

One thing I wish I could see on any cell phone with a camera is a lens cap. Something nifty like the Nokia 6682 phone (where the back panel cleverly slides out to reveal the camera) should be standard on any phone, much less one of Nokia’s candy bar phones. I sure wish my Nokia N90 phone had a lens cap of some kind, I’ve got thumb prints and other odd finger markings on that little plastic piece already.

I’ve also got my first set of scratches on my N90 and I am NOT very happy about it. But I suppose that was a wakeup call to go get a decent case (my Krusell leather Nokia N90 phone case is coming soon), and I’ll be reviewing that one in a couple days. Meanwhile, I STILL have this junky “silicone” N90 case lying around my room and, not only does it NOT fit my N90, it also manages to smell horrible too.



prasenjit kalita
1:47 am

come on NOKIA ,have a look at the market the prices of other cells have considerably reduced .Why don’t you open up and go for retail?

12:59 pm


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