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Phone Review: Testing the Nokia 6010 Phone. (budget)

March 27, 2006 in Nokia Phone Reviews

After scoring a Nokia 6010 at Staples with a price-match to Target, it’s time to put the phone through its paces.

Full review in the extended entry.

First, here’s the whole package:

Pretty funny looking cover art.


The Nokia 6010 cell phone is one of Nokia’s no-frills budget cell phones. It’s basically a Series 30 phone with color, and it doesn’t do much other than to make calls. That means no camera, loudspeaker, mp3s, or bluetooth. There is, however, support for small Java applications and several games and the converter application are preloaded. The standard preloaded games are Sky Diver, Backgammon, Air Glider, and Bowling. I wasn’t really fond of air glider and I’m not a fan of backgammon, but Sky Diver is a good way to pass the time. Bowling is ok but just too random to really have fun with (like challenging your friends). There is also AIM/ICQ/MSN instant messaging software on the Nokia 6010 but I wasn’t able to test this out (didn’t work).

Phone Performance, Sound Quality

I found the phone to be a little low in volume, and calls were for the most part fairly clear. There is a noticeable difference in sound quality compared to my Nokia N90 phone or my old Nokia 6310i phone. The phone supports 850/1900 mhz frequencies which makes it ideal for Cingular, former AT&T and Tmobile users in the U.S.

Battery Life

Battery life is fairly good – at least it ran for 3 days in the Vermont area without being charged and with a couple calls here and there.

Size and Weight
The Nokia 6010 phone is about the same sze as the Nokia 3595 phone. It’s not thin, and it’s a little larger than your average closed flip phone. A comparison to the Nokia N90 phone:


Both the front and back covers can be removed and exchanged to your liking. This is pretty useful for cleaning the front display or if you want to use those after-market phone covers.


There really isn’t much to like or dislike about this phone. It’s what I would call a completely average Nokia cell phone with the functionality and features to match. Definitely nothing innovative. It’s a good buy for 8 bucks though.


7:06 pm

During a call, use the up or down array keys to adjust the volume. You can always adjust the ringtone volume (not speaker volume) by going to the Profiles menu option.

Larry Hamlet
11:45 am

I cannot find how one turns up the volume on this phone. Is this possible to do? Thank you.

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