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Phone Review: Nokia 6682 Phone Mini Review

March 31, 2006 in Nokia Phone Reviews

After my last trip to NYC Chinatown, I was able to snag the Nokia 6682 cell phone for $150 with 1-year contract. Not exactly the greatest deal ever, but it worked out – I sold the phone on fleabay for $290.

I did manage to play around with the phone for a couple days before I sold it. So here’s my mini-review…

The Nokia 6682 Phone

What you see is what you get. You could say it’s a little barebones package considering the Nokia 6682 is not exactly a budget phone. You basically get the phone, battery, corded headset, charger, and usb cable. To be honest, it’s all pretty useless – a corded headset? It’s not like they’re giving you this:

Hahaha. On with the review.

You also get the USB to pop-port connector. I suppose this is for syncing purposes, as you can do any kind of file transfers (you probably should) with the MMC cards/card readers.

The Nokia 6682 phone is a “tri-band” 850/1800/1900 Series 60 candy bar cell phone. It’s marketed by Cingular, but of course you can get it unlocked for use on AT&T and Tmobile. The 6682 also has a 1.3 megapixel camera with a flash, and the standard junk digital zoom. What is cool about the camera is the lens cap feature – the back of the phone uses this large plastic piece that slides out, exposing the camera lens. Here’s a picture if you don’t understand my rambling:

The only drawback of this is you need to remove this whole plastic piece to get access to the battery, and THEN the camera lens is exposed anyway. Also, that back plastic cover, while very slick looking, feels rather cheap – I think if I punched it there would be a nice sized dent.

I wish I could comment on how awesome the sound quality of the Nokia 6682 phone is but alas, three days is just not enough time to measure that kind of stuff. (I also didn’t make any calls on it)

The screen on the Nokia 6682 is big and bright. The resolution isn’t nearly as impressive as the Nokia N90′s, and in this case it’s just a matter of having a large screen and large pixels. I’m not sure how well movies would view on this phone, you’d have to put the phone on its side to be of any use and that’s a little weird.

The keypad on the Nokia 6682 phone is rather small. Sort of oddly small. If I were to summarize the 6682 phone in four words it would go something like this: big screen, small keypad. I don’t think this would make a very good gamer phone as the arrow keys are smallish, and all the number keys are definitely way smaller than they need to be. And then you have those weirdo side buttons. There is some hope: the bluetooth game pad which I have not been able to try out but I was considering buying this product back in my Nokia 6260 days.

Then I realized the screen on my Nokia 6260 phone is just tiny and come on, how long could you possibly play games for on your phone?

Either way, I’ve got a PSP that more than serves this purpose.

The bottom line is, I’m not really sure who this phone will appeal to. It’s got a nice camera and it’s a Series 60 phone with Symbian, but other than that it’s really just another candy bar Nokia.



  • Good 1.3 megapixel camera with flash, sliding lens cap
  • Series 60 symbian phone means you can run whatever
  • 850 mhz for all those cingular users
  • Large screen

Not so good

  • Large screen is not very high resolution
  • Keypad buttons are on the small side
  • Not quad-band


11:00 am

hello mate i would like to see more pics and i would like to know what feutures they are in this phone nokia 6682 thank you regards ibrahim

3:22 pm

ppppplllzzzz provide me Nokia 6682 , made in Finland , thanks with anticipations…………..

3:10 pm

nokia 6682 is one of my favourite mobile set. but it’s not available in Pakistan. I wuld request to Nokia company to guide me about 6682…………

3:28 pm

i think everybody hates nokia – there are no comments :(

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