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Phone Review: Nokia 6260 Phone

March 19, 2006 in Nokia Phone Reviews

It’s always an interesting ride going from the cutting-edge N90 camera phone to its predecessor – the Nokia 6260. Compared to the phones that are being sold by the Cingular/T-mobile/Verizon chain stores, this cell phone is still way ahead of its time. You could say it has some of the best and worst features in a cell phone.

I have to admit, Nokia found many ways to mess up a great phone. The good news is the good outweighs the bad…

Here’s the big picture. We have here the Nokia 6260 phone in all its glory, and the first thing you’ll notice is the phone doesn’t even have an external screen. Sheesh!

Nokia decided that the rotating screen could function as an external display when flipped around and closed. It works all right – but now all we have left is the screen and if you want to make any calls you’ll have to open it up and flip it around anyway.

Pretty much the only reason I bought a flip phone was so I didn’t have to worry about getting the screen scratched up or getting dust under the screen which happens a lot when you keep your cell phone in your pocket. So we see here that this phone nicely ignores that.

Another annoyance is the fact that the number pad and the arrow keys are on two separate parts of the flip. The arrow keys (including selection buttons, menu keys, cancel, etc) reside under the screen on the top half of the phone while the number keys/call/end call are on the bottom half. There’s another review online that basically says, in order to use this phone you need to put your fingers and hands on a completely new plane. And that pretty much sums it up. You kind of have to hold the phone right where the hinges are which is definitely odd. This isn’t so much a problem as Nokia really intended it to be this way – they wanted you to connect a bluetooth keyboard to it and just flip the screen around to use it as a monitor or something. Anyway, it ended up being a bad idea and Nokia fixed this for the N90.

I love this picture. The swiveling screen lets you rotate the phone into cool ways – here if you rotate the screen and move the phone around it’s the perfect setup for watching video or tv shows. Combined with SmartMovie the 6260 is surprisingly good at playing divx files.

The Nokia 6260 can do anything that you can do on any Symbian phone. This means SmartMovie, UltraMP3, vNES, vSun, etc. I always get people going nuts seeing Super Mario Bros. 3 on a cell phone at full fps. Vampent’s SNES emulator vSun is the newest addition to the list of Symbian emulators but the performance without sound is only about 25-30 fps.

The Camera

Going into the camera mode by rotating the phone display and positioning the camera on the side of the phone was a great idea. Unfortunately it also alerts people to the fact that you’re taking a picture of them. It does add to the ooh-ahh factor of the phone though. The actual camera is standard VGA .3 megapixels, and I think most people expected better considering at the time of release there were 1 megapixel camera phones out.

There’s also the standard loudspeaker feature which was good for its time, just a little harsh sounding if anything. MP3s are okay but nothing compared to the N90 phone loudspeaker.

Phone Performance and Related Issues
I always have a hard time measuring how RF performance and sound quality. All of the phones I’ve ever owned have been Nokias and it’s pretty hard to distinguish between them in especially in terms of sound quality. It just always sounds the same to me. With that said the Nokia 6260 is fairly good with RF considering it’s 900/1800/1900 and I’m on Cingular 850. Obviously not as good as my old Nokia 6800 phone but it gets the job done well enough. I don’t really travel much so I usually don’t bother with actual 850 phones. And it doesn’t look like I’m going to be changing that soon as the N92 is 900/1800/1900 also.

It seems that the U.S. is planning to open up the 700, 1700, and 2100 mhz frequencies to carriers so it’ll be interesting to see what develops on that end.

Since this isn’t really much of a review, more of A Look Back to the Nokia 6260, there won’t be a summary today. Have a nice day!



3:59 pm

i was playing some mp3 musics on my nokia phone 6260, after wish i left it for some time i realize that i could’t here any sound on it any more without doing any thing on it.pls can you tell me the cause of the problem.bye.and how to fix it.

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